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Jul 21, 2009 11:01 AM

Old Forge .Lanesboro,Ma.

We saw the nice writeup on this place in the Summer issue of Yankee Magazine and the magazine said the wings were outstanding so we tried this place.
We've driven by this place many times without stopping and we're sorry we passed this place up so many times---a mistake we will no longer make!!!
Yankee Magazine cll this one right!
The wings($9.45/dozen) were outstanding!
The sauce that was on the wings made them great.
I got the original recipie(a little hotter than midl)but you can get hotter versions of this great souace.
The bar was full of wing eaters when we got there( a good sign) and we started with beer-battered calamari.
This wasn't your typical fried calamari as the calamari was not fried hard but the was soft and delicious on the inside and the beer-batter coating was not crispy but just plain succulent.
Several beers on tap made the bar wonderful but you can sit outside on their expansive deck and overlook the mts.
The place is not that all impressive from Rt. 7 but the menu had many other very interesting options that we did not have time to try----but will try--- on subsequent trips.
If you're a wing fancier you really should try this place and if you want some food that really is different,plentiful,and reasonably price you ought to try this place;it's great!

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  1. Carnip, I felt exactly the same way when I finally tried these wings 2 years ago. I'm not a wing fan usually but these i get cravings for. I always had the calamari before, so I knew how good that is.
    I'm surprised that a local foodie could go so long without discovering this gem! : >)

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    1. re: cowgirlinthesand

      The exterior hides the gem within... kind of like a geode!

    2. and BEER!!!! LOTS AND LOTS of really good BEER!!! to go with the wings of course....

      1. Try Moe's Tavern in Lee

        1. yes old forge is a good place for wings and especially for beer. I had a lobster pasta dinner once there that was good too...but some of the other menu items are hit and miss...such as the beer battered fish and chips. Once they were good, another time they were cold and I had to send them back. The salad bar is nothing to write home about. All and all a good place for friends and food.