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Jul 21, 2009 10:09 AM

middle eastern/pakistani recs pls...client dinner, help!

i am taking a client and a couple others to dinner somewhere,.. he is from pakistan, i'd hoped to find a top notch middle eastern spot, with great ambience. thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  1. I think ilili would fill the bill. Very good contemporary Lebanese/Mediterranean cuisine served in a huge, soaring space with grand decor.

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    1. re: RGR

      Yum, RGR, I have to put that on my list. I was going to suggest Persepolis, but decided against it, because it has been forever since I have been there, and really don't know how it is currently, or if the ambiance is what is necessary for the occasion.

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        I would second this and the prices are high enough to impress your clients, if you're going for that.

      2. thots on tabla? i am going to check both the recs,.. thanks for the posts!

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          Tabla's nice (perhaps showing a bit of age), but not middle eastern. The space isn't as impressive as ilili, which should really give you that client "wow" factor (note that I haven't eaten there, but I've seen it from the outside and it's quite beautiful). If the Tabla question suggests you may also be considering Indian, I'd do Devi over Tabla.

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            I didn't think of recommending Tabla because it is neither Middle Eastern nor Pakistani. It is Indian-influenced New American. The cuisine is superb, service is first-rate -- no surprise since at Danny Meyer restaurants, hospitality is key -- and the space has very colorful, attractive decor and a view of Madison Square Park across the street. If you are willing to go in that direction re: the cuisine, I actually think it's a better choice than ilili.


            1. re: RGR

              What have you particularly enjoyed at Tabla lately? I'm with you on the service, and maybe I now just take the decor for granted after all these years, but on the food end my last several meals there have been "pleasant" and no more...

              1. re: planetjess

                Actually, we have only been to Tabla once, a few months ago, and left asking ourselves why we had waited so long. We had the tasting menu which was, from first bite to last, superb! A wonderful range of textures and subtle flavors. I guess we'll have to go back to see if the food will be as delicious as it was that first time.

                ETA: Prior to that, we had been to the Bread Bar a couple of times. The food there is much more Indian in nature. I think it's o.k., but nothing special.

          2. Ilili would be the perfect choice. Lebanese food is well-appreciated among Pakistanis and ilili will make your meal halal given a couple days advanced notice.

            Were you to go for South Asian food, I would recommend against Tabla. I have yet to meet a single Desi who likes their food. Devi is the only Indian restaurant I can think of as special enough to justify taking a visitor from South Asia out for Indian food. Typical Pakistani favorites like paya, haleem or nihari are better done in Pakistan or outside New York in general.