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Best Sangria Spots in Toronto

I was just wondering what are some of the best places to get sangria in Toronto. I've read other posts that all seem to recommend Torito in Kensington Market, but surely there are more?

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  1. I've had nice sangria moments are MoMo's in the Annex (on Harbord). Although I haven't had it there, apparently Brownstone's sangria is good and they have a nice patio.

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      I tried the sangria there yesterday---maybe it's me because I like my sangria a bit sweeter but I found it to be merely OK. At least it wasn't nasty like the stuff I tried at Southern Accents a month ago. That was horrible.

    2. Nyood has some interesting sangrias...white ones, rose ones and red ones.

      1096 Queen West, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9, CA

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        Alot of places on college sell it by the pitcher. These are the most recent ones i've tried:
        Best pricepoint - nirvana - 15 bucks a pitcher
        Best fruits - kalendar - they add mandarins and apples
        Best wine flavour (and buzz)- Cafe Diplimatico - they add frozen fruits. Yummy!

      2. I'm no expert, but can tell you that I've had sangria at Torito a couple of times and, though it was pleasant-tasting and not overly sweet (a big bonus for me) it seemed a touch watery and not too aloholic.

        1. One of my absolute favourites, the Queen Mother, has good white wine sangria, but it's not cheap at $30/carafe. I also like 7 Numbers on the Danforth (which has received inconsistent reviews here, though I've only had good experiences).

          If you want cheap, go to the Green Room or Nirvana for $16/pitcher. Avoid the Red Room (same owners) which has inexplicably terrible service.

          1. Boulevard Cafe has red and white sangrias and a lovely patio on which to sip them.

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              Heartily seconded! Love Boulevard Cafe -- a pitcher of sangria on the patio is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

              Milagro has an interesting variety of sangrias, including a watermelon sangria. Their traditional sangria isn't as sweet as most, but it probably keeps me from drinking it as quickly.

              Chimichange (at Yonge and Eg) also has good sangria.

              None of the above are cheap -- all over $30 per pitcher. But a nice alternative to a bottle of wine.

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                i third boulevard cafe! though i haven't gone in the past year, i do recall some nice fruit in their sangrias that made it even better, and of course, the patio is lovely.

            2. Wow, thanks everyone!

              MoMo's didn't strike me as a sangria type place. I actually haven't eaten there, but I looked at their menu once but we decided to go somewhere else instead just because we wanted more atmosphere.

              I've never heard of Brownstone's or Nyood's, I shall look into that!

              I've had it at Nirvana & the Greenroom a few times. While I find it enjoyable, I find it a bit watered down, but for $16 I really can't complain. They also have nice juices to choose from which I like.

              kalendar sounds interesting with their mandarins. & I prefer to get it in a pitcher, so that's good to hear. Cafe Diplomatico's frozen fruits sound nice too, I hope that means less ice & more liquids.

              I've passed by Boulevard Cafe many times but have never been. Their patio looks really cute. Maybe I'll give them a go if the weather ever decides to warm up to patio time.

              It's convenient that a lot of these suggestions seem to be in the same area. As for the ones that aren't, it never hurts to venture out to new areas in Toronto. =)

              BTW I've also had sangria from this Mexican restaurant across from the flatiron building (can't remember the name, sorry). While the sangria was yummy, the food was nothing to rave about. I got fajitas and the skimpy amount of fixings (lettuce, cheese, salsa, etc) was appalling and they charged us extra when we asked for more. I wouldn't have minded if they had given enough to make more than 2 fajitas to begin with.

              1. Hi,

                New to the board but been lurking for a while. Had great tapas and sangria at Cambalache (www.cambalache.ca) during Summerlicious. Comparable to the food and drink I had while on a 3-week backpacking trip in Spain. $27 for a litre, a little on the sweet side, which I don't mind.

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                  If I recal correctly the Cafe Diplimatico version has no ice at all, just frozen fruits.