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Jul 21, 2009 10:04 AM

Michelle's Pancakes in SGV ?

Has anyone been there? I can't find anything about this, but the LA Times just gave it a great write up

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  1. I tried this place about a month back and had what I would assume were their specialties which were the "pancakes". They're not really pancakes but closer to a small, flat bao. It's pan fried on both sides with different meat/vegetable fillings. The fillings are sparse and while the flavors were ok, it didn't justify what I paid. I have not tried their other items such as their noodles or dumplings, but based on what I had, it's nothing special.

    1. I went the same day the article came out on LA Times. The picture in their article is of the smoked pork pancake plate, and it is not to be missed. You can tell that they are still working out some things in the kitchen, because the pacing of the dishes is pretty slow. But if you're willing to cut them some slack for being a new restaurant, it's pretty good.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. When I went there it was literally their first or second day of business, and most of the menu items were unavailable.

        1. I went there last week - and it was mobbed at 6pm by alot of regulars and LAT readers! I got take out thinking it would be faster - boy I was wrong! - 45 minutes later I got my order. Plus a Chinese TV Crew was there filming a news segment - so they got priority treatment. Just be prepared to wait - and service is typical of a Chinese restaurant - there isn't any - so just go with that expectation and you'll be fine. I got the same 2 dishes mentioned in LAT review, #2 beef/ carrot baozi and # 5 pork/ squash baozi, and also #11? steamed fish dumpling. It was good. But I prefer the pan fried and steamed dumplings from Luscious Dumplings (in the same shopping center). Luscious has a thinner skin. That being said, I will go back to Michelle's to try soem other dishes, but just not during peak hours.

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            At least half the time when I go to Luscious Dumpling, the wait is too long, or they're out of everything, etc. Nice to have a back-up option in the same center.