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Jul 21, 2009 10:01 AM

Jasa Kabob in Canton?

They've apparently taken over the space that used to be Py. Has anyone been there? I got a flyer in the mail, and the menu looks yummy (plus they're open late!)

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  1. I have had delivery twice now.

    Great addition to the area. Had chicken kabobs, a daily special that was chicken and spinach curry (really good) with all the traditional sides.

    Everything so far has been great.

    1. Just went last night and had the lamb curry while the husband had the chicken jalfarazi (which I wasn't familiar with). Both were good. I finished it off with rasmalai, a sweet cheese in cream or something that was delicious. Good, everyday Pakistani/Middle Eastern. We'll be back. Plus they're open on Sundays. And the server was really nice.

      1. I've tried this place for delivery a couple of times since moving to East Baltimore. This is a really Chow-worthy place. I've tried the lamb and chicken kabobs and the lamb gyros. While the gyros is unlikely to please fans of the traditional preparation, it's still a worthy sandwich in its own right. The kabobs were excellent, the lamb grilled to a perfect medium rare and the chicken breast almost but not quite overlooked. Jasa Kabob is a definite winner, and as a bonus for east Baltimore residents, they deliver. Highly approved.