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Hot Chili Peppers on your hands

Last night I was making poppers and did not put gloves on. That was my 1st mistake, man did I pay for it. Anyways, I found this web site when I goggle "help my hands are on fire from hot chili peppers". There were lots of helpful tips, however, I wanted to clarify what needs to be done. "Yogart" is the key, put your hands in plain yogart and the burning will end. It may take a bit but it truly works. I hope this is helpful to someone else in need.

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  1. happened to me last year while prepping a large batch of "espelette" type peppers.

    I just "deal" with it like a grown man (weeping in secret in the bedroom all night long); it tool about 48 hours to return to normal.

    1. It is the lactic acid in yogurt that disolves the oils in the pepper. Ctrus juice and vinegar work too.

      1. I thought your handle was a combination of yoga and art, and was going to say that we have 2 things in common. Anyhow, I've always found that washing well in baking soda is a big help.

        1. I did this exact same thing and I should have known better! After trying vinegar, a milk bath, and Benadryl, I finally found some Caladryl lotion in my cabinet. It was the clear kind that you use for poison ivy. It is a topical analgesic so I figured what the heck! It helped calm and cool the burning enough to help me get to sleep (with the Benadryl) and the pain was gone by morning.

          1. A little wd40 will remove the oil, plus it smells better than yogurt, or yogart

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              I assume you're joking about the smell, but the WD-40 oil removing is an interesting idea.

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                Nah, I kinda like it...in the minority, to be sure

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                  To be sure--at least as far as "appetizing" smells go...

            2. I don't understand, Are your hands so dry and cracked that the act of cutting peppers leads itself to such an reaction? I have never heard of such a thing.
              I've broken down and processed maybe 200lbs of hot peppers in my life time and have never experienced an adverse reaction other that some minor lapses of judgment and processeses that after the first time you sorta learn your lesson.
              Wear gloves and there is no substitute for warm soapy water and some hand cream, any thing after that needs the attention of a medical professional.

              1. I found a milk bath did the trick, once, too.