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Jul 21, 2009 09:57 AM

Hot Chili Peppers on your hands

Last night I was making poppers and did not put gloves on. That was my 1st mistake, man did I pay for it. Anyways, I found this web site when I goggle "help my hands are on fire from hot chili peppers". There were lots of helpful tips, however, I wanted to clarify what needs to be done. "Yogart" is the key, put your hands in plain yogart and the burning will end. It may take a bit but it truly works. I hope this is helpful to someone else in need.

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  1. happened to me last year while prepping a large batch of "espelette" type peppers.

    I just "deal" with it like a grown man (weeping in secret in the bedroom all night long); it tool about 48 hours to return to normal.

    1. It is the lactic acid in yogurt that disolves the oils in the pepper. Ctrus juice and vinegar work too.

      1. I thought your handle was a combination of yoga and art, and was going to say that we have 2 things in common. Anyhow, I've always found that washing well in baking soda is a big help.

        1. I did this exact same thing and I should have known better! After trying vinegar, a milk bath, and Benadryl, I finally found some Caladryl lotion in my cabinet. It was the clear kind that you use for poison ivy. It is a topical analgesic so I figured what the heck! It helped calm and cool the burning enough to help me get to sleep (with the Benadryl) and the pain was gone by morning.

          1. A little wd40 will remove the oil, plus it smells better than yogurt, or yogart

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              I assume you're joking about the smell, but the WD-40 oil removing is an interesting idea.

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                Nah, I kinda like the minority, to be sure

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                  To be sure--at least as far as "appetizing" smells go...