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Jul 21, 2009 09:38 AM

I have been looking for a good produce club in Fort Myers.....

and got a message from this club that they are finally adding a site in Fort Myers. Anyone know anything about them?

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  1. I joined Worden Farms Organic co-op last year. I paid $660 for the season and received a box of produce from late November until April 15. I hated it. My pick up was at the Mother Earth at Summerlin/Colonial. You would not get a notice of what would be in your share until that morning. Baby bok choy every bloody week, very few tomatoes, only red beets and only once, dandelion greens, daikon, more butternut squash than one could ever want in a lifetime.

    There is no choice in your share which is understandable as it wouldn't be economic otherwise. At one point I was putting the produce out at the curb hoping others would take it in my neighborhood. They are good at publicity and the farm is quaint (it is in Punta Gorda). We went to a picnic there and I thought I was at Woodstock. The only thing missing was the doobies.

    Worden shows up at most green markets around here and I'd rather take my chances getting what I want to cook. The cost was roughly $33 per week. The only thing that was truly great were the carrots.

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      I had heard of Worden Farms but had also heard the same complaints you had so I never tried it. Annies interests me because you can be a little more specific on what you are wanting and how often and how much. There is only two of us so I don't need a big box every week but every other week might be nice.

      1. re: Suzie

        do you know where the pick up is? I looked at the site and it might work for us on a every other week basis as well.

        1. re: LilMsFoodie

          This is what was in the e-mail I got.

          She is (hopefully conveniently) located between the Tanger Outlet Mall behind the Shell Point Retirement Community off of Davis Road. You can reach her directly at 239-xxx-xxxx to get started.
          I took out the number but I am sure you can get the info you need from the site.

          1. re: Suzie

            I just got a little more info about this. The pickup location is at the contact persons house. They are still looking for a few more people to sign up but they think they will have enough to start this Thurs.