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Jul 21, 2009 09:19 AM

Storing limes

What is the best way to store limes? I have a bunch of them, and I won't be using all that I have immediately, so I want the rest to keep without spoiling.

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  1. My suggestion is just to keep them out of a plastic bag. Absent of mold growing or rotting, even if the skins turn color, the limes are still good, just not attractive as a garnish. The meat/pulp may have dried up somewhat, but like all citrus fruits, the insides are still good even if the outsides look bad....or rather, lime juice can still be extracted.

    1. I keep limes & lemons in a large glass jar with a glass lid. Not only pretty displayed but room temp citrus is just plain better. They keep about 7-10 days on my counter but trust me they don't last that long!

      1. You can keep them in the cold drawer of your fridge, but they are very perishable. I have a couple of lbs sitting in a crystal bowl, but it's out of sunlight, in a closed glass cabinet, for over 3 weeks. I still use them for juice. If your house is not too warm, they last a couple of weeks.

        1. I've had luck storing limes in the cold drawer of my fridge for up to a month. They loose a bit of their oomph eventually but this keeps them from rotting for a very long time.


          1. i keep mine in a paper bag in the crisper bin of my fridge. and when they beging to turn i juice them into ice cube trays and freeze. i then pop them into a heavy duty ziploc for later uses.

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              Yep, I've done this too with the ice trays. I usaully forget I have them and find them iced over in a zip bag when cleaning out the freezer.

              Recently when I've had a half a dozen limes that needed to be used I juiced them, mixed them with some simple syrup and had a base for margaritas or mojitos. Keeps in the fridge for a few days.