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Jul 21, 2009 08:34 AM

Holy trinity of AYCE sushi in Thornhill

There's three sushi places in the Bathurst and Center street area of Thornhill. Hockey Sushi, Maki Sushi and Sushi Fun. My friends and I are always debating which is the better place. We can't seem agree.

I'd like to hear from people who have been to the holy trinity of sushi in Thornhill about which one they prefer and why. I need ammunition!!!!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Honestly, they all have their strengths and it really comes down to what you like to order.

    I was a very loyal Hockey fan for about 6 years, I believe, until Maki opened up and lately have been going there instead.

    My favourite at Hockey is the dynamite rolls/handrolls and salmon sashimi, and I have yet to find an AYCE that can beat the quality of their rolls and sashimi. Generally, everything I ever ate there I found to be very tasty and fresh and a quality I truly enjoyed. However, with that said, it's hard looking past the terrible service, unfriendly staff, uncomfortable seating and atmosphere.

    I far prefer the overall experience at Maki because of the really pretty decor, the friendly (much friendlier than Hockey) staff, and the owner who is very approachable and on top of what's going on in his restaurant. Not to forget the also very high quality of the food at Maki. I've spoken to the owner on various occasions about the food and it's of very high quality and always very fresh, which is important to me because of all the sashimi I eat.

    I still do think that Hockey probably has the best food (but I haven't been there in a while). I prefer some of Hockey's maki, sashimi, eggplant and chicken terriyaki. But Maki's green dragon rolls are some of the best rolls I've ever had and I think I go there just for those these days. I'm not saying Maki's food isn't as good as Hockey, because it is, but that's why I say it really comes down to what it is you order.

    I definitely would rank Hockey and Maki as better quality than Sushi Fun, although I do find Sushi Fun to be a nice change. I really enjoyed their fruit roll, and the last time I was there the salmon sashimi was very fresh and rather good - but I remember them being slightly more expensive for good (but not as good) taste.

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      I want to followup.

      When I wrote my review, I had not been to Hockey Sushi in quite a long time. I went there yesterday and would like to completely change my review based on my new experience.

      The place has had some renovations so it looks a bit nicer than it used to, but it wasn't enough to make the terrible experience I had any better.

      Like I said before, I was a loyal Hockey Sushi customer for many many years and stopped once Maki Sushi on Disera Drive in Thornhill opened up.

      My updated review of Hockey Sushi:

      The service was slow. It was over 20 minutes before we saw any food. We got the wrong orders and some just simply never came. I had to ask three different servers about one of my orders and it still never ended up coming. My friends who I dined with also got wrong orders or didn't receive what they ordered either.

      I know the AYCE places are known for their poor service, but I always experienced terrible service at Hockey and this was even worse than I remembered.

      On top of that, the servers were rude. At one point, we had food brought to our table and the server who brought it said, "You know you have to eat it all or we'll make you pay, and you have to finish all the rice too, you can't leave any rice over." It was only 6 pieces of sushi and 4 pieces of maki that she had just put down on the table and we had finished everything until that point. My friends and I were all completely shocked and insulted. We're all in our 20s - it wasn't like we were little kids sitting and wasting food, it was just completely uncalled for.

      It was at that moment I joined Team Maki - I am never returning to Hockey. I ordered the same things I normally order at Maki, and Maki wins. The salmon at Maki is fresher, the rolls are nicer, the staff is friendlier, the decor is nicer, and I never leave Maki Sushi feeling insulted.

    2. We've ordered from Maki sushi and really liked it. It was fresh and very nicely presented.

      I haven't tried the other places so my opinion may not be worth much...

      1. I have been to all 3 restaurants. IMHO this is the order in terms of food quality (not ambiance): #1 = Maki Sushi; #2 = Sushi Fun; #3 = Hockey Sushi. All of them are good.
        But....BIG BUT..... Maki Sushi has a problem in the cold weather. I was there on Oct. 11, 2009. It was cold and the wind was blowing slightly. Maki Sushi is effectively divided into 2 parts. We were seated in the front part and every time the front door was opened we were treated to a blast of cold air. It ruined our evening. The place was packed so we could not get a table in the back half of the restaurant. I really like this restaurant. But under the circumstances I think I will only return in June when I know the "cold" will not effect our enjoyment.

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          That sucks! I ate there all of last winter and never encountered anything like this.

          I am very particular where I sit in restaurants though and never sit near the door. I usually ask to be away from the door.

          I was just there this evening for dinner. I didn't feel a draft.

          It's my favourite sushi of all the places I've tried.