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Jul 21, 2009 07:24 AM

New Sonic in Wappinger Falls, NY being built

There is a new Sonic being built in Wappinger Falls, NY. It is going to be located at the location of the old Applebee's / Howling Dog at the noth end of mall where Goodwill Store is. It is in the plaza that houses Wappinger Falls buffett (the best chinese buffet in Dutchess county) and the Hannaford's Supermarket near Meyers Corners Road.
I don't know how that area is going to handle the traffic of a Sonic unless they do some major redesign. And it must going to be small, not a very big area to build on. this is a google map show where/

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  1. Sonic and In-n-Out Burger are the Krispy Kreme of burgers ,good quality food but not really worth going out of your way for.

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    1. re: english_knave

      I would not say that In-N-Out is the Krispy Kreme of burger places, maybe Five Guys with all the expansion they are doing. I wish that In-N-Out moved out this way.

    2. I live about 2 minutes away from there. You're right about traffic, there's enough traffic on Route 9 as it is! I was tired of seeing the empty Howling Dog building though, so I'm glad they're doing something with it. I need a fast food fix once in awhile and I'm glad there will be another different option, especially one that serves breakfast all their Toaster sandwiches!

      1. Today I had my first ever Sonic Burger. No, I didn't drive there just for the burger. (One hungry kid had a game in the area, so I went to watch. Many thanks to the mom of OFS player #13 who directed us to SB for dinner after the game!)


        It was good. Maybe not chow-worthy in terms of food (after all, Sonic is not exactly gourmet fare)...but certainly chow-worthy in terms of experience. The hungrykid LOVED the girl on roller skates wheeling over to the car to hand us napkins, to explain the ordering process, and to bring the food.

        But he only finished half of his Reese's Pieces Sonic Blast...

        My sonic cheeseburger was delicious for the fast food that it was, but I was glad it arrived in a foil pouch, as the bun was falling apart. He had popcorn chicken (no accounting for taste).

        Fries were only okay IMHO - but I'm partial to McD's fries when it comes to fast food.

        Would I drive to Wappingers Falls just to have another Sonic Burger experience? Definitely not.

        But will we swing past the next time he has a game in Poughkeepsie?


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        1. re: hungrykids

          I tried Sonic for the first time the other day as well. I don't get they hype. I guess people just like the servers on rollerblades. The burger was fine but I'd rate Wendy's ahead of Sonic in terms of quality and taste. Perhaps its the other menu items that attract people to Sonic but right now I just don't get the appeal.

          1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

            The food is marginal at best, I know a lot of people that go there for the drinks and endless combinations of same.

            1. re: roro1831

              I'll try it again but definitely not going to wait in their "staging area" for their burgers.