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Jul 21, 2009 07:16 AM

Happy Hour/Dinner - Downtown Minneapolis

Any suggestions as to where to celebrate a birthday in downtown Minneapolis? Somewhere nice but not too expensive...Perhaps, a place with a great happy hour (incl. food)? (FYI We're not fans of sushi or an all-seafood menu.) We'll be going to a concert at the State Theater, afterwards. Thanks!

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  1. VINCENT! They have a terrific happy hour, including great small plates, a fabulous burger, and cocktail, wine, and beer specials.

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    1. re: Math

      Vincent's happy hour is easily the best in the Twin Cities. Be sure to get there early.

    2. I agree that Vincent is a good choice. I also like Manhattans which is right next to the state theater. 1/2 price appetizers and drinks until 7pm. That might be busy if there is a state theater concert that night.

      1. I like Eli's. It is just a bar, but a nice one. And the chicken wings are great.

        1. so i guess i'll fourth the vincent rec. or, if chef-driven, upscale middle eastern appeals, saffron is a great choice--happy hour includes $5 you-call-it martinis & tempting small plates at like $3.50-$5 or something.

          1. Solera is another option...although I'm not sure about how great their HH pricing is. Lots of small plates to share, nice group spot. And it's across the street from the State.