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Jul 21, 2009 06:47 AM

Dinner Near Pontiac - Need Recs!

I'm going to a show at the Crofoot tomorrow (Wednesday, 721) and need early dinner recommendations. We'll be driving over from Lansing and would love to get suggestions from the Michigan hounds. I've already culled the following list from various posts but am really looking for a hidden gem - casual, moderately priced (<$50/person):

Modern Food & Spirits, Keego Harbor, MI
Akshay Indian Cuisine, Bloomfield Hills, MI
La Marsa, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Deli Unique, West Bloomfield, MI

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Moose Preserve on Woodward near Pontiac has a terrific patio for al fresco dining. It's an Up North feeling place with good burgers and huge salads.

    1. IIRC, Akshay is closed. If you're looking for Indian in the general area, I heartily recommend Rangoli on Walton in Auburn Hills, not too far from Pontiac.

      Bistro Bourdeau, also in AH on Auburn Road, is a nice little "boite". Food is good (I've only been for lunch, though), atmosphere is very pleasant.

      Someone else on this board has recommended Fran O'Briens Crabhouse on Opdyke, same general area as Akshay was, but I can't say from personal experience.

      AVOID The Lodge in Keego Harbor. Way overpriced for not very good food. Building is nice, though.

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        I'm with Coney......Rangoli is really good and we use Bistro Bourdeau as a standard place when we just want a dinner out. It has a good menu and nice bar for a few cocktails...on the corner of Squirrel and Auburn Rd., just about a mile from M-59. Deli Unique is good, but I would say it's mostly a breakfast/lunch place and the other two would be better for dinner.

        1. Since you are coming from Lansing:
          In Fenton - The French Laundry - if you can do this and get to the show on time.
          In Pontiac - Lemongrass Thai (Opdyke & Square Lake Roads)
          In Clarkston - The Clarkston Union (just do not expect good service) - will take about 20 minutes to get to Pontiac from here.

          1. Many thanks for your suggestions. We ended up going to Lemongrass Thai and were really happy with our meal. Great spring rolls (freshly made, absolutely no grease), properly done pad thai and a really nice green curry with shrimp. Our only complaint was that the "hot" level of spice was, well, pretty mild. (I'm a mild salsa kind of girl and the hot curry didn't faze me at all.) Next time, we'll ask for extra hot.

            Thanks again... we'll be back down in Pontiac for a few more shows this summer and fall, so we'll probably hit a few more recommendations.