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Jul 21, 2009 06:36 AM

Addison County recs?


My family will be spending a week in Bridport next month. Would appreciate some input from fellow chowhound-ers for lunch and dinner recommendations. We enjoy everything from diners and gastro pubs to fancy-schmancy. Thanks!

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  1. Starry Night Cafe in Ferrisburgh, on Rt 7
    Black Sheep Bistro, downtown Vergennes
    Both dinner, both fancy-ish....for VT.

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      I loved lunches at Storm Cafe in Middlebury -- and brunch or lunch at Tully and Marie's.
      Christophe's in Vergennes is for special occasions - and is wonderful.
      I also love Shelburne Farms. If you have kids, it's fun to spend the afternoon there (sunset coach ride!) and stay for dinner.

      My all time favorite, though, is Blueberry Hill Inn. Dinners are out of this world, and it is a special spot. Not sure if you can dine there if you aren't staying there - it is worth a call. Plus, their chocolate chip cookies are out of this world.

    2. I thought I'd report back post-vacation regarding our dining out adventures (and, in the process, try to recapture that vacation 'buzz'!)

      Mostly, for dinner we bought local meats and vegetables and grilled at our rented house. Farmer's markets are in abundance, but the best ones are in Middlebury (Wednesdays and Saturdays), and Bristol (Wed.)

      At the Bristol market, there is a booth called "Euro Restaurant", selling samosas, moussaka, meat pitas, stuffed cabbage - all delicious, and unexpected in a farmers market.

      Highly recommended is the "3 Squares Cafe" in downtown Vergennes. A member of the Vermont Farmers Network, they use local ingredients, in season, whenever possible. We ate there for breakfast and lunch, and really enjoyed the food and hectic atmosphere.

      The Farmer's Diner, which famously uses local ingredients in its location in Quechee, recently opened a more trendy location in the Marbleworks complex in Middlebury. We went for lunch and dinner - I'd recommend them for breakfast and lunch - the dinner selections are slim.

      Our one 'night out' was spent at the Black Sheep Bistro, also in Vergennes. For a 'fancy' restaurant, the prices are very reasonable, the food is high quality and well prepared, however, if you're looking for a place to have a leisurely meal, this is not the place. My guess is that once the summer tourists and leaf peepers leave, the atmosphere might relax.

      We spent a day tramping around the Shelburne Museum, which is a national treasure, and is well worth a day (or two) trip. Ate lunch at the Dutch Mill ( - had the best burger I've had in a long time. They have a large smoker on the premises and have been pulling pork for a longtime.

      Aah, the Champlain Valley is so beautiful. I think I've reclaimed my 'buzz' for a minute or two!

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      1. Provence in Brandon for lunch or dinner.

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          Met the chef/owner there when I was a senior at Midd, working on a local food project with VFN. Yummy tasting bits!

          Totally forgot about it -- thanks for the reminder!

          1. re: allieb2031

            A recent memory - I led a bike tour thru Brandon 2 weeks ago and eight of us had a very nice dinner there. Good food and non-tiny portions.