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Jul 21, 2009 04:34 AM

Citifield food?

We will be going to a game in a couple of weeks - our first trip to Citifield since it opened. While there were posts about the stadiums food, anyone been lately and can give updates of what to skip & what not to miss? Thanks, Chowhounders!

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  1. Let me say this, if you are interested in Shake Shack, get there very early. I've been to 10 or more games this season, and haven't made it there yet because of the lines. The Blue Smoke line is usually manageable, and worth going to. I enjoyed the ribs but the pulled pork is supposed to be good too. I loved the Catch of the Day fish sandwich. The World's Fare market has Mama's of corona and sushi. Where are your seats?

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      The lines are long but check how many registers are serving each line. The last time I was there (admittedly it was about a month ago) one line was being serviced by one register and the other line by two registers so of course that went faster.

      1. re: pellegrino31

        Last game I went to it took from the 4th to the bottom of the 7th to get through the line at Shake Shack. There are jumbotrons back there to watch the game, but it still means you miss much of the action.

    2. I agree, I would get there as early as possible for the food. It shouldn't be a bane though, the park is beautiful and it is fun to just hang out there.

      I couldn't wait in the lines, just seemed stupid to wait an hour in line while a baseball game is going on. I had the bay fries at catch of the day. Very seasoned and salted, but then the cheese on top cools it down. Surprisingly great.

      Maybe they should have a shea-ke shack cam on the big board to show the lines of the various vendors.

      1. Shake Shack lines are indeed long, but usually move pretty well. Go early - Jackie Robinson Rotunda entrance opens 2.5 hrs before gametime. I think the Shack Burger & the shake are the best items. Fries are good, but I think those at Box Frites across the way are way better (gotta get the bacon mayo!). Or if you live in NY & can go to other Shake Shack locations any time, skip it & try some of the park's unique offerings. I mentioned Box Frites, a must-chow if you're a fry aficionado. I think the fish sandwich at Catch of the Day is the best fish sandwich I've ever had, & their shrimp Po'Boy is also delish. Also LOVE the sausage at the grill portables around the park. Those are my faves but there are some other great options, just depends on what you like.
        The World's Fare market has Daruma Sushi (the shrimp dog is to die for), Mama's of Corona sandwiches & cannolis, and some healthy options like salads & fruit.
        And for the die-hard dog fan in your party, go for the natural casing dog braised in beer. YUM! And notice the awesome condiment carts with warm condiments & friendly attendants.

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          Shrimp Dog? Interesting, please elaborate. BTW, both the " carved sandwich" and the hanger steak sandwich purchased in the airport lounge called the Excelsior Club were not very good. I enjoyed my time at the park, but I got to see Sir Paul and not my stinking Mets.

        2. I splurged for seats since it's my husband's birthday so we are sitting in the chi-chi section right behind home plate.

          As for more recommendations...I don't eat meat, he devours meat...I LOVE great french fries...Is the fish sandwich at Catch of the Day fried or grilled? And shrimp dog? What is a shrimp dog???? You hooked me...

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            if you're sitting behind the plate in the delta club then you can shake shack, blue smoke, box frites, and the el verano taqueria delivered to you and there is no need to wait on any of the lines in centerfield. i think you can get everything but the ribs, unless they changed it since the last home stand.

            also, you may want to consider making a reservation and eating in either the delta 360 club or the acela club.

            1. re: jon

              How's the food at the taqueria?

            2. re: synergy

              Since you are already splurging, you can also spring for brunch or dinner at the Acela club at $42 or $48 price fix (plus $10/head to sit on the tier). The food there is great, although not really a baseball experience.

              1. re: Val55

                While I did splurge on the tickets we do like having the baseball experience and want to walk around, explore the food courts available. We aren't snooties, just want to give my guy a great birthday.

                1. re: synergy

                  I didn't think you were and just wanted to remind you that was an option as well. It's definitely a good walking around ballpark. If you are driving and intend to pay for parking anyway, may I also recommend that you seek out (on cl, ebay or stubhub) a prepaid parking pass. The prepaid passes allow you to park much closer to the ballpark and you can usually pick them up for face ($18)if u look around.

                  1. re: Val55

                    i agree it's a great walking around park, but it can be frustrating waiting on the lines since you'll miss most of the game( which i guess wouldn't be such a bad thing). i'd probably walk around then go back to your seats and order a shackburger, box frites with bacon mayo dipping sauce, and a black & white shake to be delivered to your seats within 10 minutes of ordering.

                    1. re: Val55

                      Val, thanks for the advice. Parking did come with the tickets, so we are good to go with that. :-)

              2. Anyone know what that Shrimp Dog is that another poster referred to?