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Jul 21, 2009 03:26 AM

Red Sauce

I make red sauce every three months , 8 1/2 gallons at a time. The one gallon steel cans Bonta are bitch to open. I am thinking about a electric opener but don't want run run to target and buty some junk.
Any suggestions. What do restraurants use?

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  1. One large can opener mounts on the edge of a sturdy counter. It consists of a cutting head mounted on a sliding post. The head has double edge 'tooth' and an crank handle (10" long?). You put the can in position, drop the head onto the can edge with enough force to penetrate the lid, and crank away. It's as much fun as handling the winch on sailboat!

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      What is it callled and where can I buy it. sounds like what I am looking for. I never really liked electric can openers.