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Best French Toast in LA?

I'm willing to travel within a 20 mile radius of downtown...

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  1. I've been on the hunt for about 6 months now, and having tried a dozen places or so the clear winner so far is The Griddle Cafe on Sunset. It's just the perfect combination of sogginess and egginess and flavor while still holding its form. Not to mention that they have a million variations on it, but I'd recommend starting with the regular one at first before branching out.

    Blu Jam on Melrose is pretty high up there too, but only worth going to if you don't feel like braving the wait at The Griddle. Blu Jam is awesome though, it's much more pleasant of an experience than Griddle, but I'm just talking about the French Toast.

    1. Haven't really tried french toast at too many places, but I'm by Square One, so that's my usual stop for breakfast. They do a pretty solid french toast.

        1. 26 Beach Restaurant. www.26beach.com They have some newer french toasts and salads that are not on the website yet, I had this orange french toast with a mascarpone cream and friend had lemon riccota, blueberry french toast.

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            I will second 26 Beach. I am sure there are others (ha, see the rest of the thread!) but have been happy enough with the place to go back a couple of times.

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              Is the breakfast menu at 26 Beach available all day, or only during certain hours?

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                  3 PM is when the stop serving breakfast items.

            2. The best no-nonsense, non-gourmet french toast I've had is at the Coffee Corner at the Farmer's Market. After cooking, they allow the butter to fully melt in before serving it to you. Very flavorful, filling and cheap too.

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                I think you mean Charlie's Coffee Shop which is on the western edge of the Farmers Market. The Coffee Corner is over on the east side next to Magee's and across from Bob's Donuts, and they mostly just sell beverages.

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                  You are correct, thanks for the info.

              2. Coral Tree in Brentwood (hope it reopens soon) or Norms, Pico - a real fix, lemony and just right.

                1. This is a repeating topic and many post are the same. I really hope you try a couple of places and report back on what you think. . Here are two recent post which might help you put together a list ....


                  Then again, Mimi's Cafe (a national chain) makes a stuffed french toast that is really good. The french dip and grilled cheese can't be beat either.

                  1. Defintiely Square One. I used to think it was Cafe Montana with their one French toast with the cruncy crust and the raspberry coulis and vanilla sauce. Now that I've been to Square One, I can't go anywhere else for French toast.

                    1. thanks so much everyone for the great tips

                      1. The Challah bread French toast with orange vanilla batter and maple syrup at Mike & Anne's in South Pasadena is fantastic

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                          I found their web page and for $8.50 this sounds really good. Thick slices of Challah bread are, IMO, the best for making French toast. Adding orange and vanilla to the batter is the way I make it at home, along with a little cinnamon. Butter and Maple syrup go very well with these flavors. This rec has me wanting to check this place out. I wonder if they might warm the Maple syrup and add a little crushed walnuts?

                          From the map it appears that this place is near, of part of, a strip mall that has a great bakery. I think it might have been a banana cream pie I got at that bakery – not sure.

                          Mike & Anne's Restaurant
                          1040 Mission st, suite 102
                          South Pasadena, CA 91030
                          (626) 799.7199

                        2. Don't know if I'd drive 20 miles for it, but the french toast at Louis Burger's in Redondo Beach, on Artesia Blvd. is pretty damn good. He takes egg bread and dips it in pancake batter and puts it on the griddle. YUM!!! Probably the best I've had, though I'm not an expert.

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                              YES! lol. Most people dip bread in egg batter, but he dips egg BREAD in pancake batter. It's pretty good, though I wouldn't drive more than 15 minutes for it. That said, their breakfast burritos are AWESOME (but avoid the ham).

                          1. The brioche French toast at Grand Lux Cafe dring their weekend brunch is FANTASTIC!!!

                            1. way back when, Cafe Latte at Wilshire and Crescent Heights/Carthay Circle had wonderful fat slices of challah French toast with orange butter. (It was the only French Toast better than mine IMHO!) . They have changed onwership and gone through a dry spell, but it might be worth checking out--or maybe someone has tried it more recently?

                              1. I'd love to find a place that makes a savory, not sweet, french toast. I hate sugar or syrup or fruit or cinnamon etc on french toast. If I get it in a restaurant, I ask for it plain, just butter. When I make it at home, I season it as I would sausage - salt, pepper, garlic, anise, cayenne, oregano etc, its very good that way.

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                                  Sounds like a man in search of a breakfast Monte Cristo, (hold the powdered sugar and the syrup).

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                                    Totally! Savory foods go with bloody mary's or bubbles or margaritas much better too!

                                2. Square One has the best and most consistent brioche french toast I have had. As an added plus they also have rotating gourmet toppings if you desire something beyond syrup. The secret with Square One is to get there before 10am on the weekends. Don't forget the bacon...

                                  1. Let me preface this by saying that I am not, by any means, a lover of French Toast. In fact, 99% of the time I hate it, as it is far too egg-y for me.

                                    That being said, I just returned from lunch at Comme Ca where I split the Pain Perdu with a friend, and we both thought it was absolutely delicious. Dense but not liquid-y bread, great flavor (a bit of creme brulee flavor to it), and some great maple syrup. I have no idea how it compares to other places, but it was definitely scrumptious.