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Jul 20, 2009 10:12 PM

Savannah for one day only

I'm going to be be in Savannah for an afternoon and a morning. Wondering the best places to eat breakfast lunch and dinner for a bang for the buck price (breakfast/lunch $10-$12 tops/plate dinner $15-$30/plate-ish). Trying to cover mostly the historic & river district in our short time there, but willing to venture outside if there's a 'can't miss' place. I like most anything so long as it's fresh and quality, hubby likes true southern cookin' (B&G, sweet tea, fried chicken & gravy ;-) Whatcha got for me?

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  1. Lunch at Mrs. style southern food.

    1. Mrs Wilkes is good but it is $16/person if the extra few bucks matter

      Breakfast at Express Deli on Barnard north of Broughton. Fresh breads and pastries, quiches, fruit bowls, bagles and lox, excellent coffee and tea. Alternate: B. Matthews.

      Lunch at Papillote, a french joint on W Broughton - great sammiches, soups and salads - fresh and delicious. Alternate: Express Deli

      B Matthews is a good alternate for breakfast or lunch, but makes a great and relatively inexpensive place for dinner