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Jul 20, 2009 09:46 PM

Food delivery in/around Encinitas?

A friend is home (alone) recovering from surgery, and I thought a nice get-well gift would be delivery of food from a health-oriented restaurant or other food service provider -- can you help w/ some ideas, places? We are in No. Calif., so specifics w/b appreciated. Thinking of a gift card/certificate so he can choose. Thanks!

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  1. They may not necessarily have the CH-worthy lineup of restaurants, but I think it's a wondefruly thoughtful gift and with such a recovery perhaps simpler foods work better anyway.

    So with that said let me recommend MobileWaiter. You probably should check first here by entering in your friend's zip code to see if there are sufficiently interesting options in her area:

    They provide for gift certificates which would give your friend the option of selecting from whomever he chooses... Sounds like it could be a perfect fit, other than the likely pedestrian quality of most of the offerings, for what you're looking for... It's the thought that counts!

    Good luck!

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      Thank you! I checked out the site and then realized I failed to mention that he is a VERY picky eater, so the participating restaurants will not work. Maybe I'll get him a basket from a Whole Foods, if there's one nearby, and if they deliver. Thanks again!

      1. re: Sarah

        Closest Whole Foods is 30 min south in UTC. There is a Seaside Market in Cardiff (5 min south) and a Henry's in Solana Beach (5-10 min south). There is a Trader Joe's in Encinitas.

        1. re: daantaat

          There is also a Harvest Ranch market on Encinitas Boulevard at the border of Encinitas and Rancho Santa Fe. They make pretty good sandwiches IMO and use Boars Head meats.

        2. re: Sarah

          Oh oh... I'm so used to the situation where the loved ones around me (except for my immediate famiy) think I'm nuts about taking food so seriously! Nice to know that he's a Foodie, but that sure makes it a whole lot tougher.

          Hope Whole Foods works out for you! (BTW they're opening a store in the Lumberyard, lest their plans gets derailed by the Recession...)

          1. re: cgfan

            They are still working away on that site. That has to be the most idiotic location for a whole foods. there is going to be no parking, and getting there will be a PIA in the summer. However that is where the city council wanted it. I hope it works out, or is it going to be a albatross, like the various markets at the del mar plaza.

            1. re: littlestevie

              Agreed 100%, but wanted to minimize my ranting... :-)

              Missed the entire debate though; didn't realize that it was the city's wish... Curious if you happen to know where WFM wanted to originally locate in Encinitas...

              1. re: cgfan

                I think it was more that the city wanted a market in the old downtown corridor, to help revitalize the area, bring in more foot traffic, etc.. I don't think WFM had any formal plans to go anywhere else in the city. I am pretty sure the developer approached WFM but I don't think WFM did their proper homework before they agreed to lease that space.

            2. re: cgfan

              The more interesting part of this construction will be that Urban Solace will open its second location in the same building.

        3. I agree that Mobile Waiter is a great option. We use them at work and they are very dependable in San Diego (Solana Beach). Another idea is to send one of those Edible Bouquets - even the staunchest heathy eater can't resist fruit !

          FruitFlowers - Incredibly Edible Delites
          276 North El Camino Read, Suite D Encinitas, CA

          1. Waters Catering in Solana Beach has outstanding pre-made dishes. (See Although, I don't believe Waters makes delivery. However, if your friend has someone who could pick up the meals for him or he is able to make short drives (it's about 15 minutes from Encinitas), then Waters could be an option.

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            1. re: wanker

              There will be two floors of underground parking below the whole foods for about 320 parking spaces!