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Jul 20, 2009 09:39 PM

Special Occasion lunch

Can anyone recommend somewhere really special for a 30th birthday lunch in London - just me and a foodie friend, but somewhere we won't need to rush (am thinking very long and lazy lunch with a couple of bottles of wine). Any area is ok but I'm travelling from Hong Kong so somewhere worth the journey!

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  1. Do you have any kind of budget or preference of type of food? Might help narrow it down as there are so many options that would fit your description.

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    1. re: pj26

      Budget-wise, up to about £150 each - on the food front ideally a tasting menu, which I know might be hard to find at lunch....I was thinking along the lines of modern British food but as I haven't been to the UK for a couple of years I'm totally out of the loop as to where would be best.
      I've looked at a lot of other threads but still need help please!

      1. re: MissLambkins

        Maybe you could consider the new tasting menu at The Fat Duck in Bray. You have a good budget, and it's not that far a train ride from London.

        1. re: MissLambkins

          Fat Duck is an option, or Pied a Tierre, Maze, The Square, Hibiscus, Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley,

          1. re: pj26

            Thanks for the input - I think it will either be the Fat Duck or Marcus Wareing......hopefully I can't go too wrong with either!

      2. We've had a couple of other posts recently on this subject with a number of suggestions posted. You might want to look a bit further down the board or search.