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Jul 20, 2009 08:35 PM

Coming to Phoenix from L A

I have heard about the pizza at Bianca on this borad for years. i am coming on Friday night for EWF concert. First of all - is there a particular pizza to order (I like basic pzza typically). Also, any tricks so we do not haveto wait in line two hours. Is Friday less crowded than Saturday?

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  1. Here's a current thread on almost this exact topic:

    Also, do a search for Pizzeria Bianco, and you will find many other tips and advice regarding the wait, everyone's favorite pie, etc.

    The only consensus regarding the best pizza is that they're all excellent, and you can't really make a mistake. If you want basic, margherita is your best bet. I can't imagine there being a tremendous difference in wait b/w Friday and Saturday...the wait is ALWAYS there, it's basically just your decision if you want to go early and possibly shave an hour off that wait. I believe Saturdays are traditionally a bit more busy for restaurants in general, but it's likely to be pretty marginal, especially for PB. Maybe someone who has gone on these two days can offer up better advice, though.