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Jul 20, 2009 08:03 PM

Quick Vancouver Trip - Need Recs

Hello! I will be spending one night in Vancouver not far from the Port Metro Vancouver and one night near the Westin Grand. Looking for some great local restaurants - inexpensive and delicious happy hour eats or memorable/unique places. Middle of the road pricing is ideal - not looking for the high-end experience this trip! Really appreciate hearing what's great nearby! (Not big on curry or cilantro or vegan cuisine.) THANKS!

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  1. You are fairly close to two of my favourites - Chambar (Belgian) and Medina (Medina). Neither are in the budget category -- mains at Chambar are around $28 and the breafkast and lunches at Media run around $12-15.

    Guu and the other oft-recommened izakaya can be inexpensive if you keep the alcohol intake low....and they are pretty memorable.

    It's hard to keep up with the "happy hours"....which is technically not legal here due to arcane liquor regs BTW... - "early bird" prix fixe specials are all over the place and so are lunch deals under $15.

    Check out the Irish Heather's Long Table Series (I have not yet been, but I hear good things): as an example. Another is Fuel's $25 soup/salad/sandwich lunch: