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Jul 20, 2009 07:36 PM

Another One Bites The Dust - MSP

Bellanotte is gone. Never went there but I understand they used to have a really good business a couple of years ago. Is there any worse place to own a restaurant than downtown Minneapolis right now?

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  1. When it first opened, they had a rack of veal that was out of this world.

    1. Problem with downtown will always be parking. Who wants to spend $15 to $20 and then pay to eat out.

      Plus all the road construction is crazy.

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      1. re: redmeatfan

        Who pays that much to park downtown? Maybe if you pay and tip a valet, but most nights you can park pretty cheaply downtown. And you can always take the bus.

        And I doubt parking was the reason Bellanotte went out of business. Lots of restaurants are going out of business right now all over the city, not just downtown. I'm surprised someone hasn't started a death pool.

        1. re: churchka

          I'd been to Bellanotte several times over the past couple of years--it was a great place to meet someone for a cocktail either right after work, or around 9PM but I never ate the food. if I want Italian, it's definitely not in the Top 5, or Top 10 for that matter. But they had a nice wine selection and made great cosmos.

          I'm not surprised they went out of business and I'm surprised Oceanaire is holding up considering their counterparts across the country.

          It begs the question: Will Bella in Blaine now also become defunct?

          1. re: snoboardbabe77

            Bella has had different owners for quite a while now.

      2. The food was egregious, so it basically functioned as a place to be seen. Once the clubbers found a new toy, they moved on.