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Jul 20, 2009 07:24 PM

Suggestions near Hampton Roads, VA?

Staying at The Founders Inn over Labor Day for the half marathon and would love some suggestions. Need to carb-load on Saturday night, big brunch on Sunday, open for anything Sunday night and will have young kids with us. Thanks for your help!

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  1. ?????
    carb loading
    everything I love to eat out involves some fat and meat
    does this have to be strict carbs?

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    1. re: mexibeaner

      Looking for carbs to prepare for the half marathon on Sunday. Any excuse to eat good pasta!

    2. The only place I can think of that you could carbo load at the Beach is Mannino's italian bistro on Princess Anne Road.
      There really isn't a call for carbo loading at the beach, too many health freaks during the summer have affected the restaurants mentality down here. The link is for directions to help. Good luck and let me know how it is, I haven't been there yet but I have a few friends that have gone there and loved it.

      1. Unfortunately, the Founders Inn area isn't a mecca for great food. If you head towards Chesapeake on I-64, the Greeenbrier Parkway exit is only one exit away from the Indian River Rd. exit for the founders Inn. The second Greenbrier exit will take you to Greenbrier Mall, and there are a lot of the typical chain restaurants. Olive Garden for carb load. The next exit past Greenbrier is Battlefield Blvd., and there is a Carabbas off of that exit. If you take a right onto Indian River Rd. from the Founders Inn, and go to Kempsville Rd.(about a mile away) , there is a Golden Corral for the BIG BRUNCH. Turn right onto Kempsville, and the GC will be on your left. However, we are famous for seafood, and I normally would not send you to the places that I've suggested, but I'm trying to meet your quest for the marathon.