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Jul 20, 2009 06:24 PM

LBI fish monger

Just wondering where everyone goes for fresh fish to cook at home? Our home is in Beach Haven. The InLaws always went to Surf City fishery... always adequate. I've gotten some stuff from Beach Haven Fishery, mostly when I don't feel like dealing with traffic. Pretty okay, but seems a bit pricey. I've actually gotten lobsters from ShopRite (Manahawkin) when they have a special. My brother raved about the crabs from Blue Claw (I think it's in Surf City?), but I've never been there.

Friends are offering a lobster dinner as a thank you for an upcoming weekend. Suggestions?

PS I'm planning to x-post on the Philly board.

TIA for any advice!


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  1. Ahern's in Waretown has fish, crabs, and lobsters: 158 Wells Mills Road
    Waretown, NJ.
    Mud City Crabhouse has a seafood market as well: 1185 E Bay Ave
    Manahawkin, NJ.
    Ship Bottom Shell Fish also has a seafood market, but I have never bought from there: 18th, Ship Bottom, NJ.

    1. Cassidys in Barnegat Light. Though I usually stop at Surf City on the way home because it's on the way. Blackie's clam shack in Manahawkin for clams and shellfish. It's on the back road, Bay Ave in Manahawkin, not far from Mud City.

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        Beach Haven Fishery is highly regarded. I've also had good luck at M&M's Steam Bar and also at Pinky Shrimps. Everything on the island is going to be pricey. All are close to Beach Haven and all have restaurants attached.

      2. I know this is not LBI ; I am a "local" who has lived in Manahawkin, for ahem..[not wanting to give away age] a long time and also in Mass for 15 years. Where are your friends traveling from? When i want the perfect seafood for the most special dinner, I go to Hong Kong SuperMarket on Rt 18 in East Brunswick. yeah It is a drive, about an hour, but I cannot beat freshness nor price, including travel et al.

        1. We love Skipper's seafood (647 Route 72 Barnegat, NJ 08005-1058) - (609) 698-4430. I'm from Beach Haven West and it's about a 25 minute ride there. Prices beat any local seafood market (from what I can tell). We primarily buy crabs, shrimp, crawfish and other seafood there. We still get our lobsters at Shoprite on 72 - those sales they run cannot be beat! Ms Chow has it right for clams and shellfish, there is a little shack up the road from Mud City Crab Restaurant on Bay Avenue in Manahawkin. The clams are fresh and it can get pretty crowded there!