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New Paltz Restaurants

We're planning a weekend in New Paltz. Any recommendations for restaurants in the village of New Paltz for a nice - but not too pricey - dinner?

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  1. my friend lives in New Paltz, and I live in Long Island, so i havn't been to many of the New Paltz restaurants, but if you like beer go to the Gilded Otter for standard pub type food. They brew their own beers.

    If you like japanese, go to the noodle place. i don't remember the name, but when you are coming from 87 and heading West, it is on the right side before you get to the busy part of the village. This place serves no Sushi and is excellent! If i can figure out the name i will post it.

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      This is the place I am referring to. I have to admit, the name of the place doesn't ring a bell. I went here probably 12-15 months ago. If they changed names/owners I can't vouch for it now. But the menu looks exactly the same.

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        Just went to the gomenkudasai restaurant mentioned above. As a member of a party of ten, I was dismayed that 2 of the party waited over an hour for their food. We all agreed that we're not going back there again.

        Sorry to be the dissenter, but they don't deserve to stay in business.

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          Here's a more recent update on Gomen-Kudasai: I was there on 12/12/10, and did not have to wait long for food at all (party of 2, restaurant reasonably full.) No complaints about the wait or the service... and even if I did have to wait a little (which I didn't), I wouldn't mind because the food is ABSOLUTELY worth it! They do serve sushi now, which was good, and also have a nice selection of good sakes, but the noodle dishes are where this place really shines! Amazing nabeyaki-udon, perfect for a chilly winter evening. The food is carefully prepared, insanely delicious, moderately priced, and nutritious to boot, with many ingredients organic and locally sourced.
          I would be devastated if they ever went out of business!

    2. I don't know if you can get an inexpensive meal in New Paltz, but you can get some good Indian food at Suruchi. http://suruchiindian.com/ Not a very extensive menu (mostly vegetarian), but the entrees my husband and I had were great. We started with an order of potato and pea samosas which were better than some but not exceptional. They were very large and the filling was very good. The chutney and sauces were good and had an original flare to them. The entrees were outstanding. I had the Chicken Biryani and it was some of the best I have ever had. Only hunks of tender white meat chicken breast, no bones, wonderful spice flavor with almonds, raisins, cashews and a delicious raita to accompany it. The serving was enough for 3 or 4 people, no lie. My husband had the Chicken Korma and it was equally delicious with a light delicate cream sauce, cauliflower and peas. Entrees were $20. The only weak part of the meal was the bread. The naan was very thick and kind of chewy and the aloo paratha was too crispy (more like a quesadilla) for my liking. Overall we thought the experience was very good.

      A bookstore owner also recommended The Village Tearoom. Their menu looks interesting and the tapas are reasonably priced. http://www.thevillagetearoom.com/

      1. Many yummy places in/around New Paltz. Our favorite is just outside of New Paltz in Highland -- it's just down the road, less than 10 minutes from the center of New Paltz. It's called The Would. Here's a link to their menu: http://www.thewould.com/home/menus.html

        Incredible food and even better attention to detail, all without an ounce of stuffiness. We visit whenever we're in the area.

        1. We ended up going into Rosendale to the Bywater Bistro. We were 6 couples and had great food and a wonderful time. I recommend the crab cakes.

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            Someone just recommended to me a Thai restaurant in New Paltz named Lemongrass. Anyone been? Comments?

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              went a few years back, at the time there were zero thai places in the hudson valley (there are now at least 4: rhinebeck, beacon, poughkeepsie, hyde park).

              i was quite underwhelmed, and despite a yearning for thai food, never wentback.

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                Well. let me ask the question a little differently. Some friends recommended it as a place to eat when they travel from NJ to upstate NY. Since we travel frequently from upstate to either norther NJ, or NYC, they thought we'd like it. When we have time, we divert to Woodstock or over the bridge to Hyde Park/Rhinebeck, but we don't always the have time for that much travel out of the way. New Paltz would be convenient, but we're not that familiar. Where would you recommend for stopping enroute?

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                  how long can you be in new paltz? there are a fair number of places in town which are good, if you don't mind sitting down. lemongrass is generally sit-down as well....i'd suggest searching the tristate board here, mark p is the local who posts a fair amount.

                  also...if you're looking on the way down from upstate new york, i'd suggest kingston. there's a good mix of places...

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                Avoid it at all costs! The food is beyond boring and the service, even worse. Don't know how it stays in biz, really. Yuck is a word that comes to mind.

                I like Aroi in Rhinebeck and Sukothai in Beacon. Can't go wrong with either.

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                  I have been to Lemongrass a few times and always enjoyed my meal. Their chicken egg rolls were some of the best I've ever had.

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                    lemongrass was terrible for me....careless food preparation, not tasty, and overall unpleasant.

                2. anyone been to the stone haus, which is the new name for locust tree? any reports?

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                    The Stone Haus is doing good quality pub food with ambitions akin to Terrapin's bar menu - small dishes, a burger, fresh fish entree. Not quite as successfully done as Terrapin but the pretty surroundings (Huguenot St) and romantic interior elevate the experience. Highly recommended as a drink and a snack kind of place.

                    Noteworthy in New Paltz:

                    Village Tea Room - A must for lunch! The proprietress excels at taking abused and overlooked dishes - turkey pot pie, cream puffs - and making you realize why they were once so beloved. Go soup and sandwich (house-cured gravlax or cilantro-pesto chicken salad) and make sure you get that cream puff or slice of cake for dessert. Best quality locally-sourced seasonal ingredients in very capable hands.

                    Mountain Brauhaus - A cherished favorite among locals. Excellent traditional German dishes (sauerbraten, spaetzle) with a freewheeling specials menu. Everyone eats happy here - grandmoms and the hipster grandkids too. The buttermilk salad dressing is addictive! Dinner only.

                    The Cheese Plate - In Water St Market. Smartly-chosen cheeses and chocolates with local ice cream. Real French bread! Fresh baguettes delivered every day. You can get a picnic basket here - bread, cheeses, olives, cured meats, fruit... Grab a bottle of wine over at the shop next to the post office and head up to the Gunks or down Huguenot St for a picnic.

                    Karma Road - Everyone's eaten at vegetarian restos where taste and texture take a back seat to nutrition and politics. Not here. It's fresh honest creative food that happens not to include dairy and meat as ingredients. Try the red lentil dahl, the curry, roasted cauliflower, housemade veggie burgers, and the chocolate shake with young coconut juice.

                    Breakfast - The Main St Bistro rules, but there are other good options. James makes tasty crepes and egg dishes with fresh-roasted coffee at the Mudd Puddle in Water Street Market... Paul's Kitchen does all your favorite coffee shop standards, just east of the downtown on Main... and The Alternative Baker in nearby Rosendale has superb pastries, delicious fresh rolls and a feisty egg sandwich - with Dijon!

                    Pizza - Pizza in the Paltz is intended to be consumed after too many beers after 2am by people in their 20s - unless it's Reno's... Folks like Rocco's, La Bella and Pasquale's too. And if you have a carload of screaming hungry kids, you will want to avail yourself to the blessed drive-thru at Village Pizza.

                    Various Ethnic - Yannis makes good hummus and Greek salads... Mexicali Blue, the hole-in-the-wall taco joint on Main, used to be great, still good... The Gomen K noodle shop has very good food from quality ingredients but I agree that the service can be spotty... Otherwise, sorry but there is no Asian food of distinction (including East and South Asian) in New Paltz. It ranges from the bad to the earnest but not so good. The sushi places are all serviceable. If you're from NYC or Westchester hold your Asian craving 'til you get home.

                    Markets - Jack's Meats on Main can make you a good sandwich to go - including breakfast sangs or a juicy grilled cheeseburger from grass-fed beef... My Market has organic fruits, veg and dairy, humane meats, good beer and lots of interesting grabbers.

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                      ha...hoped i'd get you out of hiding, mark!

                      thanks for the mention on stone haus. i'll have to see if my wife likes the menu; the older one was more interesting, but i understand many places have to change the menus to stay in business...

                      for anyone looking @village tearoom...if you're not up in the area for the weekend, go on a sunday afternoon or during the week, the place is remarkably quiet. bang-up busy on the weekends, of course...

                  2. no one mentioned harvest cafe/wine bar... had a great lunch and great time there last fall... heading back next week

                    did i miss something, or do i remember it being better than it is?

                    1. two choices outside but close to New Paltz that I like are Crave in Poughkeepsie and Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery they are both about 30 minutes away and very good. Beso in town is my favorite but it is pricey. I have heard a lot of good things about a new coal fired pizza joint, havent been there yet, and there is a taco place on the east side of town that is really good too. Tokyo Sushi is solid if thats what u want.

                      1. The best fish monger in the mid-Hudson valley is Gadaletto's in New Paltz. They also operate a small restaurant (lunch and dinner 11 -9 except Mon. and Tue) which is very good. They'll cook any fish in the market for you in just about any style you want. We have lunch there two or three times a month - oysters are fat and fresh - especially those great little St Simeons from PEI - grilled and broiled fish and soups are excellent. The service is always prompt , courteous and efficient. Plus they have a rotating show of local artists' works always on display.

                        Also, recommend the Gunks Haus in nearby Ardonia for inventive German fare - they serve several items on pretzel rolls which are very tasty, and they have a beer list worth exploring - I especially liked a recent glass of German black beer. For saurbraten, the Brauhaus up on the mountain is a better choice, but otherwise I have liked everything I've had at Gunks Haus.

                        skaal, john

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                          Let me second the Gunks Haus for a delightful and delicious dining experience. We enjoyed the brat sandwich on the pretzel bread and the spaetzle. Both were tasty and all ingredients seemed fresh, including the baked in house bread. For dessert the apple strudel with fresh whipped cream was excellent. The rest of the menu offered several non German influenced items as well as choices for vegetarians. The beer list was a well chosen mix of German beers and American craft selections, with two choices on tap. The service was efficient and pleasant, and the dining room offers some lovely views of the surrounding distant mountains. Two thumbs way up for Gunks Haus.

                        2. My brother and SIL live in New Paltz and my wife and I love going to visit them.In addition to beautiful scenery there are lots of good food options.Our favorite place is The Village Tea Room.The name is a little misleading.It has much to offer beyond tea service.We had dinner
                          there and the food and service were excellent.A very charming restaurant.My second choice is the Harvest Cafe.You can eat indoors or out depending on the season.It's located at the Water Street Market,which is a good place to wander around,The market has The Cheese Plate(self explanatory) and the Mudd Puddle is a good place for breakfast or just coffee.We've also eaten at Barnabys,which is a converted movie theater.There are many other restaurants in town that we haven't tried that look good.

                          Mudd Puddle
                          10 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

                          1. Now that Beso is gone, are 36 Main and Village Tea Room the only "better" dining spots in NP? Either of these have nice outdoor seating available? Or are we better off taking a drive to Amarcord in Beacon?

                            Village Tea Room
                            10 Plattekill Ave, New Paltz, NY 12561

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                              There is a new restaurant, Rock and Rye Tavern, in the former Locust Tree, at the golf course on Huguenot St. We had a very nice dinner there last week with lovely outdoor seating. They have a talented bar -tender/mixologist who made me a very refreshing Pimm's cup. Our appetizers, entrees and dessert were very good as was the service. We has a duck, and hangar steak that were nicely prepared, as well as a wonderful halibut with a corn and white bean succotash. The only issue I had was with the Sirrus classic rock sound track that was playing in general as well as playing too loudly. They did turn it down upon request and I could swear that they did eventually switch the station. It's not that I don't like classic rock, but it did not fit with the setting. The server said that music was appropriate for the "vibe" that the owners were trying to set, but they might want to rethink that.
                              There is a new Italian restaurant called A Tavola, where Beso used to be. I haven't tried it yet, but their menu on-line looked promising.

                            2. 36 Main has outdoor seating as does the Gilded Otter, Harvest Cafe, and
                              Rock and Rye. Should mention here that The Bakery on N. Front St serves a nice breakfast and great baked goods and has an outdoor patio. As mentioned above there's a new upscale Italian place, Tavola, where Beso was, cant report on it as I've not been and have not heard from anyone who has. Also, the Gunks Haus has recently opened an outside terrace with terrific views of the Shawangunks.

                              In re some other comments above: Pauls kitchen leaves a lot to be desired foodwise - over time it seems to be devolving into local Republican headquarters.
                              The Bistro still offers the best breakfast in town - and at a very reasonable price.
                              Grimaldi's pizza is very nice, in my opinion, the best in town.
                              Fat Bob's pizza is closed due to a flood, but I dont think many adults are crying over that.
                              The Jamacian joint in the Plaza is very nice if you like goat and mild curries- which I do.
                              I doubt if many folks are traveling to New Paltz looking for a hot dog, but if you are the Soul Dog on lower Main Street in Poughkeepsie is very good ; try their hot dog with peanut sauce.
                              For a nice view right on the Hudson River the Mariner's Harbor in Highland can't be beat - the food and service are something else - recommend a beer and a basket of steamed shrimp if you go. Also, if you are in that area a walk over the "Walkway Over The Hudson" (free) is highly recommended - and near the Poughkeepsie end is the oldest Pizza joint in the Hudson Valley (dates back to the early '30s) which still serves nice old fashioned red-sauce Italian dishes - Aloys.

                              Cheers, John

                              Soul Dog
                              107 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

                              46 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

                              Mariner's Harbor
                              5 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401

                              Fat Bob's
                              52 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

                              Grimaldi's Restaurant
                              418 Bleecker St, Utica, NY 13501

                              1. Re: the restaurants I mentioned:
                                BESO is gone, replaced by Tavola
                                Grimaldi's is n Main St. New Paltz( dont know its relation with the one in Brooklyn)
                                Mariner's Harbor is in Highland, NY (there is another unrelated place in Kingston)

                                Mariner's Harbor
                                5 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401

                                Main St Cafe
                                6 N Main St, New City, NY 10956

                                Grimaldi's Restaurant
                                418 Bleecker St, Utica, NY 13501

                                1. Wound up at the Village Tea Room. Was a very nice experience, the outdoor patio is quite nice, and the dinner menu contained dishes that had some of the best ingredients and best preparations I've had.

                                  Dingle Pie-- chopped lamb in a Phyllo-type wrap with very interesting spices-- went well with the old-fashioned mustard & cornichons served with it.

                                  Lamb Meatballs-- the wonderful yogurt sauce served with it was the best we've ever had.

                                  Carrot soup in a chicken broth-- straightforward, but outstanding because of outstanding ingredients-- a theme that runs through every dish served here.

                                  Cod with asparagus-- Just a wonderful, very very fresh piece of fish prepared perfectly.

                                  Turkey pot pie-- a creative variation with a piece of bread on top rather than a pie crust. Turkey was excellent, gravy heavenly.

                                  Shepherd's Pie-- Made with lamb, the mashed potatoes were the standout-- creamy, tasty, and very potato-y. (Why are most Shepherd's pies mistakenly made with beef? Beef is NOT in a "shepherd's pie"!! Just call it something else!!)

                                  Desserts-- Very, very awesome, all homemade.

                                  This is a standout place in NP, highly recommended. We will be back!!

                                  Village Tea Room
                                  10 Plattekill Ave, New Paltz, NY 12561