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Need Help: Peruvian Chicken in DC Area

What are the hidden Peruvian Gems in MD/DC/VA? I've had the Super Pollo, El Pollo Rico, Chicken on the Run, Pio Pio, El Pullito's (well I didnt eat it, they ran out of chicken) of the world, but what are the hidden gems? I could use your help as I put together a Guide to Peruvian Chicken (see pizza guide for example: http://www.myilive.com/dc/guides/pizza), and I'm bound to miss some places.

I can even reference your picture & description if you're inclined to help? I personally give the edge to C on the Run.

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  1. I like Norky's on Old Georgetown Rd in Bethesda. It was opened by an employee by Chicken On The Run about a year ago. The chicken is really good and I also like the mashed potatoes.

    1. I love Sardi's on Route 1 in Beltsville. Yummy chicken, sauces and sides. No matter what time of the day or evening that I go, there's always a line and for good reason. The food is always consistantely delicious and the service quick and friendly.

      1. Pollo Inka in Herndon.

        Not Peruvian, but you should check out Caribbean Grill on 29 in N. Arlington. Be sure to order fried Yucca and watch how they cook it and what they cook it in.

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          i'll second the yuca at Caribbean Grill. In the Peruvian realm, the yuca at Guapo's on Rte 28 down in Manassas is outstanding. World-class yuca. The chicken there is decent but the yuca is a cut above.

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            Since my post was last night and I went to DC today, I had lunch there on the way back. Their green sauce is also a nice variation from the usual.

          1. I love El Pollo Sabroso in Park Street NW in Columbia Heights. Inexpensive, too!

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              ^^I was just going to post that one! There's another on in Columbia Heights too (on one of the main street). I forget the name though. My friend lives nearby and likes it even better than Sabroso (which I like). I'll ask him what it's called.

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                Just had Sabroso today. It was good, but no where near c on the run or super pollo in my opinion. I got the 1/4 breast, and it was fairly small. I usually like to get rice/beans with my chicken and was surprised they charge extra for beans. total cost for the 1/4 breast & rice/beans was $7.

            2. Try Don Pollo on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. Their sauces and sides are exceptional.

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                The problem with that is once I am there I want to go next door to Moby Dick! =)
                But one of these days I will give Don Pollo a try...Thanks =)

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                  You're quite right, Chicky. That's precisely the reason it took me months to try Don Pollo. I'm a total Moby Dick addict. Though, when you get around to breaking away for a try, it will be worthwhile. Enjoy.

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                    What should we try at Moby Dick when we're chickened out?

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                      I really LOVE the chicken kabob w/ rice.It comes w/ pita. I order a side of hummus for the pita. (The best hummus I have ever had, IMO. ) Also, for a slight diversion, I order the "chicken and bread" which is 6 kabobs on a HUGE pita-Again, gotta have the hummus! Very occasionally but also good I may add is their gyro platter- gyro meat, pita, bowl of rice, small salad. Convenient, quick, consistent, delicious!!!, clean place, friendly service.

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                      Don Pollo in Bethesda is excellent.

                2. There is peruvian chicken burrito place on 8th st SE next to the Navy Yard. Chicken Torilla I think it's called. I haven't had the straight roast chicken but the chicken burritos are great (and cheap).

                  1. wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I'm ready for some chicken!