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Jul 20, 2009 06:00 PM

Inexpensive but good Greek

Hi all; I'm going out to lunch on Thursday with some international students, they want to eat Greek food but as they are students, the price must be reasonable, let's say a maximum of $15 per person. Obviously, we won't be drinking, but if we can find good food, that would be great, Cheers.

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  1. Asteria doesn't have much in terms of atmosphere, but it would be my pick for best bang for your buck (souvlaki, or pikilia), if you're keeping it to $15 pp. Danforth east of Pape. It has a limited menu, but what they do, they tend to do well. I wouldn't bother ordering their salads.

    Or Zorba's just a couple doors away, if you're looking for avgolemono soup, pastitso, etc.

    Zorba's and Asteria look very plain inside, (Zorba's reminds me of a church basement) but the food tends to be better than most of the more polished economical family restaurants (Pappas, Astoria, Omonia, etc) closer to Chester.

    If you want to eat on the trendier strip, closer to Chester Station, Messini would be my pick for cheap and cheerful. Gyros, souvlaki, village salads, etc.

    681 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L2, CA

    Asteria Souvlaki Place
    679 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L2, CA

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      Messini is the best choice for taste and price and quality too in my humble opinion.

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        you should take them to Messinis. it's very cheap and delicious. the students can order a "combination platter" that comes with 2 gyros, fries and a salad for $11, and they can split it if they want. the gyros are great, and the continual line up out the door, at every hour of the day speaks for itself. i would stay away from the lamb gyros though, i find those too greasy and fatty.

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          you can also just grab the takeout gyro, goes for about $4 and change, very tasty. After you finish, go a block east and grab a Tiropita or Spanakopita from Athens Pastries, or maybe just some Loukomades!

          Athens Pastries
          509 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

      2. Zorba's for sure. Choose from the food in the trays, though. Don't go there for souvlaki.

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          Or for fried calamari- that's a mistake I only made once;)

          I agree with embee that it's best to choose from the food in the trays at Zorba's.

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            I had a surprisingly good pork souvlaki stick (not in a pita, just the pork on a stick, served with some tzatziki) at Zorba's recently. Very moist, perfectly seasoned. Certainly better than any other souvlaki I've ordered elsewhere lately. That being said, I haven't been to Folia recently, so I probably should stop by Folia Grill soon to compare their pork souvlaki to Zorba's. Zorba's avgolemono soup, with extra lemon on the side, was better than it was on previous visits.

            Ordered chicken souvlaki a couple weeks ago at the Asteria Souvlaki Place at 679 Danforth east of Pape, and while still a decent value, and a better bang for your buck than most of the chicken souvlakis with salad, rice & potato served further west on the Danforth, I prefer the seasoning used on Zorba's pork souvlaki.

            Ordered the chicken gyro plate at Messini last night, and found it greasy, and not nearly as tasty as it was a few years ago.

            445 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P1, CA

            681 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L2, CA

            Folia Grill
            1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

          2. There is another ASTERIA restaurant on Danforth (maybe second block east of Broadview -- north side) I prefer this to the Pape/Danforth Asteria -- it has a nice enclosed patio -- slightly nicer decor..

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              I'm not sure where you were looking to go, the danforth is the obvious for the real greek experience. I live in etob and there is a family run place at islington/queensway called thats greek, lunch with a souvlaki with salad would run about 10 bucks. I LOVE |their chicken and the saganaki is fantastic.

              good luck!

              1. re: torontochris

                Don't bother with that one. I know of a few people (with not even particularly good taste in food) who have hated it.

            2. What area are you looking in?