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Jul 20, 2009 05:34 PM

Montenapo - who has been?

Going here for dinner on Friday night, may do the RW menu, may not. Anyone been? Worth going?

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  1. Okay, well we went. I actually thought the food was very very good. We had the buffalo carpaccio, the florale salad, the beef cheek ravioli and a pasta with sausage. Everything was delicious and the presentation was beautiful. The restaurant itself is also very pretty, but it was fairly empty (maybe 1/3 full) on a friday night, which I also think sped up the service a little, we would have preffered a slower pace. Overall, the prices are a little high for what you are getting, but I did really enjoy the experiene.

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      Same comment as Snaps, good food, but very expensive. You are paying for location, of course, but a very short walk to 9th ave would get you much better value. We had the problem of very slow service (45 min for appetizers, which were soup special and grilled calamari).

      Also very aggressive on charging. They don't mention the specials prices (high). The sommelier offered me a wine for "about $60" that was actually $70. We ordered sparkling water, they brought a second bottle (not asked for) which appeared on the bill for $8.

      All restaurants try to "upsell" and push the extras. They're just a big more aggressive than most. I'm not surprised that they were fairly empty (1/3 full was even high for last night) even on Fri night right by the theatres.

      Too bad. Fresh pastas were great.