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Jul 20, 2009 04:57 PM

Source for leeetle chickens? (Berkeley/Oakland)

Just wondering if anyone knows of a meat shop in the Berkeley/Oakland area that routinely carries small chickens, say 2.5 lbs or smaller. Even the fryers at Berkeley Bowl that looked smallish to me yesterday were pushing 4 lbs, which is really more bird than I'm looking for.

Thanks for any leads you might have.

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  1. I always substitute Cornish game hens when I want smaller chickens.

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      On the " What's My Line" episode of 10/11/1959 Victor Borge appeared as a mystery guest, as a poultry farmer. He was raising Rock Cornish Game Hens. They are a member of the family gallus gallus domesticus. They are small chickens.

    2. You might try some Chinese markets, Oakland Chinatown. They tend to get small, local and fresh, if they're whole. The pre-cut chickens looks like they buy them cut up. You'll have to look around but there's 10 small butchers within a small area. Not sure about 99 Ranch however. Also, some Mexican markets also carry smaller chickens.

      1. I've gotten Hoffman chickens at Cafe Rouge that were in the 2.5 lbs range. Also, Fulton Valley has chickens of this size. I think they call them "broilers."

        1. They tend to be seasonal and appear from time to time. I find that I have to travel around from store to store looking for them. Cornish hens from Magnani's, occasional smaller chickens from Cafe Rouge, occasional smaller birds from Soul Fpod from Prather meats.

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            Today, I asked someone at Cafe Rouge about getting an uncooked whole bird, and he told me that I could get one, but that the birds are generally seasoned (S&P + herbs) as soon as they come in. He indicated that if wanted an unseasoned bird, that I could try calling ahead to ask to have one set aside--usual delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

            1. re: hohokam

              They generally have raw whole chickens on Wednesday and Friday. There are some sitting in the case usually as late as 5. I have bought them a lot and I have never reserved them. I tried to once and was told to come in and check. Some of the butchers are more helpful than others.
              I purchased a 2.2 lb. Soul Food chicken at Prather Meats stand at the Marin farmer's market last Thursday.

          2. Thanks for the tips, y'all.

            I'll be sure to check around at the recommended places when I have a chance.