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Source for leeetle chickens? (Berkeley/Oakland)

hohokam Jul 20, 2009 04:57 PM

Just wondering if anyone knows of a meat shop in the Berkeley/Oakland area that routinely carries small chickens, say 2.5 lbs or smaller. Even the fryers at Berkeley Bowl that looked smallish to me yesterday were pushing 4 lbs, which is really more bird than I'm looking for.

Thanks for any leads you might have.

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  1. PegS RE: hohokam Jul 20, 2009 05:12 PM

    I always substitute Cornish game hens when I want smaller chickens.

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      wolfe RE: PegS Jul 28, 2009 04:54 PM

      On the " What's My Line" episode of 10/11/1959 Victor Borge appeared as a mystery guest, as a poultry farmer. He was raising Rock Cornish Game Hens. They are a member of the family gallus gallus domesticus. They are small chickens.

    2. m
      ML8000 RE: hohokam Jul 20, 2009 05:25 PM

      You might try some Chinese markets, Oakland Chinatown. They tend to get small, local and fresh, if they're whole. The pre-cut chickens looks like they buy them cut up. You'll have to look around but there's 10 small butchers within a small area. Not sure about 99 Ranch however. Also, some Mexican markets also carry smaller chickens.

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        mrs bacon RE: hohokam Jul 20, 2009 06:01 PM

        I've gotten Hoffman chickens at Cafe Rouge that were in the 2.5 lbs range. Also, Fulton Valley has chickens of this size. I think they call them "broilers."

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          wally RE: hohokam Jul 20, 2009 06:04 PM

          They tend to be seasonal and appear from time to time. I find that I have to travel around from store to store looking for them. Cornish hens from Magnani's, occasional smaller chickens from Cafe Rouge, occasional smaller birds from Soul Fpod from Prather meats.

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            hohokam RE: wally Jul 28, 2009 01:21 PM

            Today, I asked someone at Cafe Rouge about getting an uncooked whole bird, and he told me that I could get one, but that the birds are generally seasoned (S&P + herbs) as soon as they come in. He indicated that if wanted an unseasoned bird, that I could try calling ahead to ask to have one set aside--usual delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

            1. re: hohokam
              wally RE: hohokam Jul 28, 2009 01:53 PM

              They generally have raw whole chickens on Wednesday and Friday. There are some sitting in the case usually as late as 5. I have bought them a lot and I have never reserved them. I tried to once and was told to come in and check. Some of the butchers are more helpful than others.
              I purchased a 2.2 lb. Soul Food chicken at Prather Meats stand at the Marin farmer's market last Thursday.

          2. hohokam RE: hohokam Jul 21, 2009 09:10 AM

            Thanks for the tips, y'all.

            I'll be sure to check around at the recommended places when I have a chance.

            1. s
              skwid RE: hohokam Jul 21, 2009 10:15 AM

              Check out the chickens at the Prather Ranch booth at the Grand Lake or Temescal farmers markets on Saturday and Sunday. Their chicken are on the smaller side (usually around 3 pounds). You will need to get there early as they do run out of the chickens and sometimes do not have the chickens at all.

              1. m
                Mr_Happy RE: hohokam Jul 21, 2009 12:47 PM

                Trader Joe's also carries kosher chickens that are sometimes under 3 pounds.

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