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Jul 20, 2009 04:56 PM

Una Pizza Napoletana Has Closed

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  1. Wow, bummer. I'm glad to have gotten my last pie a week or two ago, having not been there in a while. If he does indeed go to SF, I'll make a detour if I ever travel there.

    1. I remember the first time I went there, I though $15 for a pizza was crazy until I tasted it and loved it.

      I remember the last time I went there and decided that even though I loved it, $21 was too much.

      I will be sad to see it go though, I hope Motorino can live up to UPN and do it at a more reasonable price!

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      1. re: BryanHarig

        I'm sure it will be a bit less expensive for a pie, but not as good, a tradeoff we all debate daily. $21 for a UPN pie of this quality is very much worth it to me and many just as a $22 pasta at Babbo is even though I also like past dishes at Biance for $12.

        If there is a silver lining in UPN closing - and this guy has to squint really hard to see it - it's that the debate over whether $21 is too much to pay for a 'pizza' - ostensibly because we all grew up eating 'pizza' that was much cheaper - will die.

      2. I wouldn't assume that the prices will be dropping. Here's a quote from the NYT:

        “There’s not much I’m going to change,” Mr. Palombino said. “This place was very well put together. It’s the quintessential design of a pizzeria Napoletana.”

        If people were lining up around your block for a $21 pizza would you lower your prices?

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        1. re: hungrycomposer

          Well, his Buffaline is $16 in Williamsburg, and not as good as the pies formerly made at UPN, but we'll just have to wait three weeks and see I guess.

        2. wow, right on the tails of that spread in NYmag too . . . good luck!