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Jul 20, 2009 04:49 PM

Montreal - What not to miss?


I will be going to Montreal in August for 3 days. What are some nice restaurants/bistro's to dine at? Also, I would like to sample some chocolates while I am there. Thanks.

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  1. I was given chocolates from Genevieve Grandbois that were really beautiful, aside from being simply delicious. If you are willing to go "off the beaten track" i would try hers... she's at 162 Saint-Viateur Street West, a few blocks east of Parc. You can try some authenitc Montreal bagels while you are up there.

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    1. re: gourmetgirls

      Schwartz's Deli (on St. Laurent) has to die for smoked meat sandwiches. It's THE place to go for lunch, just be prepared for a long line.

      Au Pied du Cochon (Plateau) is terrific for dinner.

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        And a big plus about Au Pied DE Cochon is that right next door there's Les Chocolats de Chloé.

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        And if you find yourself on St. Viateur, don't forget to stop at St. Viateur Bagel, just east of Parc for unforgettable bagels.

      3. For chocolates go to Le Maitre Chocolatier at 1612 Sherbrooke West. The best I have tasted in Montreal so far.

        If you like balsamic vinegar do not miss the balsamic jelly at Fino next door to the chocolatier. I cannot recommend it enough. A 250ml jar is $16.50.

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          I second Le Maître Chocolatier. The chocolates are divine and are made from Michel Cluizel. I am now addicted to the ones filled with caramel and peanuts!

          There is also an elegant tearoom but neved tried it.

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            Never tried the caramel and peanuts. I like the praline (which again is caramel and nuts) and the pistachio & almond.

            When I was there a coupls of weeks ago the guy there told me to be careful with some that I bought as the couverture had not yet set completely (they were that fresh). Not wanting to mess up the chocolates I ate them right there. He also told me that they make all the fillings right there, and that their chocolates are never more than 2 days old.