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Recipes using rose water?

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a bottle of rose water and orange blossom water, but have no recipes to use them in. I would love any suggestions on ways in which to use them.


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  1. Cakes, cookies, sweet dough preparations, baklava, pie dough ....

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      You can turn all these into raw food recipes, in a fun and easy way that tastes great. Here's a recipe for Ginger Rose Chocolate Mousse, a raw food recipe that uses rose water. A Delicious dessert to feed your friends and family.
      Laura Dawn

    2. With orange flower water, a Ramos Fizz, of course.


      SO good.

      1. Lollipops infused with either and rose petals, orange peels will have you addicted.
        Pretty as gifts too.

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          I just got some lollipop molds and am intrigued. (Planning to make some with honey and anise hyssop or mint leaves.)

          Do you have a recipe for yours?

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            karykat, this is the base recipe I follow. I pour the sugar on a marble slap and use the rose & orange, petals and peels to create adult pops. The recipe is highly adaptable. Enjoy!

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            Rose water loves dairy and sweets. Indian mithai like gulab jamun, jalebi and ras malai rely on rose flavoring for their distinctive taste. Mahalabia is a simple Arab pudding that would also be an easy introduction to rose water.

            I have heard of rose water being used in rice and lamb preparations, particularly in Persian and Moroccan cuisine, but I haven't tried any of those recipes yet.

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              This sounds great. Thanks! Where can I find a source for organic roses?

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                I would advise you to call around and see if you can find an organic florist around you or someone who purchases/sells VeriFlora roses. Some Whole Foods locations sell untreated roses. The whole petals will look much better on the cake, but if all this fails, you can order candied roses from Kalustyan's online.

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                  I don't know if they're actually "organic," but they certainly are food grade and delicious. I get mine here:
                  As they say, you will have t o pick through them before steeping to remove the green parts (leaves and stems).

                  EDIT: Sorry. I posted this before having read the recipe that is obviously talking about candied fresh rose petals.

              2. They're great flavorings in whipped cream. Also in shortbread or cookies. And I do like a dash of them in hot chocolate. Some brands have a much better flavor than others. They're also used in mixed drinks, and both are used in flavoring lokhoum (aka Turkish delight) and the syrup you pour over baklava after it's baked Oh, and a dash or two as flavoring in French toast.. Have fun! There's no limit to how they can be used.

                1. An old Indian favourite - Faluda - ice cream, milk, rose water, vermicelli and soaked basil seeds. The perfect cooling drink

                  1. there is a great ottolenghi recipe for clementine (or orange ) cake made with polenta, ground almonds and flavored with orange flour water

                    I note that he also has a pistachio and rosewater semolina cake on his website http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/blog/2009...
                    judging by the deliciousness of the orange cake, this should be a winner too.

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                      1. I second putting a bit of orange blossom water in hot chocolate - of course, being summer, you may not use that suggestion for a while, so here's another:

                        I put a bit of orange blossom water in my chocolate cupcakes, then top it off with a nice buttercream frosting. It's delicious.

                        Also, you can put a few drops in couscous if you are making a North-African type of meal. A Tunisian restaurant near here does that, and it adds a nice touch.

                        One more suggestions? Put a few drop of it in your lemonade. SO refreshing!

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                            Thanks! Any suggestions for finding organic roses, as some recipes seem to call for rose petals?

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                                or find a friend with a garden who does not spray.

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                                  This is where I always get spices that I can't find otherwise. If you pay an extra few dollars, they'll even put it in a spice jar. It's a GREAT site.

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                                    Absolutely my fav spice shop of all time and their rose petals are gorgeous!

                              2. As a savory option, you can drizzle orange or rose water (along with some sesame seeds or slivered almonds) over of a tagine right before serving.

                                1. Baklava with the rose water. Yum!

                                  1. Rosewater lemonade -- just add a healthy dose of rosewater to taste.

                                    1. If you like to make seafood dishes with rice, use rose water in the rice. It works best with Basmati long grain rice. pour it in wiht the water, i dont use measurements, i just pour it in. you will have to try different portions until your reach what you like.

                                      also rose water is very good for your skin, everyday after you wash your face, put a bit in cotton and wipe your entire face and neck area.

                                      1. I stir a teaspoon or two into finished pastry cream (creme patisserie) and fill eclairs with it. Top off with a plain poured fondant. I served these at my last birthday party and they vanished before my eyes.

                                        1. What is really great to me and very simple is to toss sliced fresh strawberries in rose water and a small sprinkle of sugar!

                                            1. I read an article about "The White House Cookbook" (1887) that said that rose water was a standard flavoring before being replaced in popularity by vanilla. An example given was the vintage recipe for pound cake which used rose water where we would now use vanilla extract.

                                              1. Am wondering does rose water really give a discernible flavoring to baked goods? Was always under the impression that it was mainly used for the rose fragrance in frostings on wedding and birthday cakes.

                                                Had a small bottle of rose water in my refrigerator for "eons", and finally threw it away because I had it so very long, and had no use for it,.

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                                                  Without a doubt it does! But I think it really shines in "fresher" preparations. You should have experimented with it. I can't live without the stuff. It's also very good in black tea.

                                                2. Have you made persian ice cream? If not, you should - its delicioussss:)

                                                  I make a custard based regular vanilla ice cream with the following modifications: when making the custard, after you have added the egg yolks, add rose water, saffron, and cardamom. Then when you put it into the ice cream maker, add chopped pistachios. It is truly delicious. If you need exact proportions, let me know. I usually eye ball everything since I know what it should taste like but you do have to be careful with the rose water.

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                                                    I've never used rose water before, but love homemade ice cream - please let me know how much rose water to put in your Persian ice cream recipe. Thanks!

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                                                      A persian restaurant in our area takes a high quality vanilla ice cream, softens it and then folds in a bit (very little bit) of rosewater and pistachios, and a bit of saffron. Then refreezes.

                                                      The cardamon in there sounds good too.

                                                      This method is a lot easier and faster. (But you should make the homemade if you like that best.)

                                                  2. Make a rose water simple syrup to macerate fruit in.