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Jul 20, 2009 04:04 PM

vegetarian, poughkeepsie area, sunday night

I'd like to take my daughter out for an early sunday night dinner before I return her to her summer camp at Vassar. She's vegetarian, my husband and I aren't, but this is more for her as she's been subsisting on veggie burgers and salad apparently. I sort of need to get her back by roughly six, so an early dinner not too far from Pk'sie is best. Any suggestions? I was planning on doing Aroma Osteria but after eating there last week I'd kind of like to try something else. They have some decent salads and veggie sides for her but I wasn't overly impressed. She (and we) like Indian and other ethnic, so that would be fine if there are some good places in the area.

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  1. ok...the indian we prefer is on route 9, kabab palace (across from price chopper). i would strongly suggest staying AWAY from kismat, the indian food by vassar; one of the worst meals i've ever had, we wound up throwing it away (we got it take-away).

    i'm assuming you want to get away from vassar; i'd suggest when she's @vassar she go to thai spice (thai, just up raymond), twisted soul (which i've raved about, and they do have vegetarian options). if she hasn't tried it yet, zorona (middle eastern) is right next to vassar, veggie-friendly, and nice.

    there's an indian place up route 9 near staatsburg which is supposed to be decent, as well as one in red hook, but i haven't been to either.

    global palate might be interesting for a change of pace. menu at: we found prices a few dollars higher than we'd expect, not standout, but consistent food.

    back by 6 pm kind of limits things, since i think most places open for dinner on sundays @5...

    1. 6 p.m. is pretty early, so i would definitely recommend babycakes cafe and twisted soul. babycakes is on collegeview, right across from vassar, and they have several vegetarian options--paninis, wraps, salads, etc. they also have very good desserts. i've had bad service from them before, but they've improved the last couple of times i've been.

      twisted soul is also one of my favorite places. they have great salads and vegetarian dumplings and empanadas. i posted the menu some time ago on this thread:

      if you don't mind travelling a little farther south, i really like tanjore in fishkill on main street. their sag paneer is very good. there is also another tanjore restaurant on rt. 9 in rhinebeck, but i haven't had a chance to try it out.

      i agree with you about aroma osteria. i know that numerous chowhounders love this place, but i haven't been that impressed. it's a beautiful space, but i've found the dishes to be very salty.


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        one thing - twisted soul is closed on sundays. i just was mentioning as somewhere her daughter could go during the week; they've had the p ulled pork buns with tofu as a special, along with the chickpea fries, and i believe at least one of their dumpling specials is veggie?

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          my daughter's only 15 and can't leave the summer camp program at the campus during the week :(

          So she's stuck with her veggie burgers and salads I'm afraid.

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            well, then i'd suggest zorona or looking at for information on a bunch of other pok related restaurants (i used to like the vietnamese places on lagrange, but they've dropped in quality a fair bit). is their site.

            i play basketball near there sometimes, i'll drop something off as i drive by :)

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          Tanjore in Rhinebeck is simply splendid. They have a buffet on Sunday for lunch & dinner and Wednesday dinner but ordering off the menu is very fine, esp their vegetable dishes. Don't miss the vegetables akbar. Also strongly recommend their dosas and mango or cashew kulfi for dessert.

        3. Hi!

          My other half is a veggie and we live near Vassar. Aroma is a shadow of what it once was. They rest on their nice locale and grapes dangling from the terrace out back. I find the prices totally overblown.

          Hands down the BEST Indian I have eaten is Tanjore- but not the Rhinebeck location- the Fishkill location. They are the same owners, but for since the Fishkill location is the original, it is much better! They also have the Sunday buffet, but they may close early, like 3pm on Sunday.

          Just came back from a wonderful dinner at a Thai place in Rhinebeck, Aroi. Nice, simple decor and excellent prices for Rhinebeck.

          Another great Thai option is Sukothai in Beacon.

          For italian, we also frequent Il Continori in Wappingers.

          And not to be overlooked- right across from Vassar is the Beechtree.

          We have eaten at Kabab Palace- but ONLY for take-out. Service stinks and the decor is disturbing!


          1. Thanks all. We ended up at Puerta Azul in Millbrook (based on recommendations in another thread); I was also trying to find a good place geographically to meet up with my husband coming back from the Berkshires-- complicated. Have to say I wasn't all that impressed. There was a number of options for my daughter to eat, but I just didn't think the food was that special. I had fish tacos as I recall; my daughter had mushroom fajitas. But I'll keep all these veggie ideas in mind if we ever end up in Dutchess again (she was there for a summer program, since ended)

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              Oh, Puerta Azul is one of my favorite Mexican places in the area. So sorry you weren't that impressed. They have a to die for brunch on Sundays -everything under $12 and they bring a basket of freshly made muffins, croissant and corn breads. Yum!

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                If you don't mind driving 6 miles to New Paltz there are some great vegetarian options. Karma Road is a casual all organic vegetarian, Rock Da Pasta (silly name - I know) has good vegetarian options in a fun interior and The Village Tearoom has lots of vegetarian and vegan soups, salads sandwiches and dinner entrees in a pretty landmarked building with a great patio space.