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Jul 20, 2009 03:41 PM

NYC hounds need a Carmel/Monterey update

We will be in Carmel early August, fourth visit, we love it there! That being said, we are not repeating some of our prior places, like Pacific Edge and Bernardus, and are thinking much more casual. We love Montrio and Passionfish and plan on returning to both. Have not been to Citronelle, I think that may be our splurge meal. Can anyone tell me about Fandango, saw a little about it on this Board. 2 specific questions ... we has some very good sushi in town in Carmel a couple of years ago, small place. reservations essential, what is the name of it, it may start with a K? There was also a little cafe where we ate outside not too far from Talbott Vineyards, was very charming with better than average food, is it still there and what is the name? Finally, anything new that we should look at? Please, no Anton and Michel or Graisings (excuse my spelling)!

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  1. Susan, next door to Talbott Vineyards is the Corkscrew Bistro. We were there just a couple of days ago and love it. There is also Rustica which is a couple blocks away. Both are very good. We also enjoy Tarpy's. It's close to the Monterey airport on the road to Salinas. They have a lovely patio, casual and good food. For seafood we like the Sandbar and Grill or Massaro and Santos. Both are in Monterey on different piers...not the tourist pier. Both have sites, so check them out. Mission Ranch (Clint's place) is good, basic food, nice view from their deck. It's located on the south side of Carmel by, guess where?, the mission. It's dinner and Sun brunch, no lunches.
    Post back if you have more questions.

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      While Tarpy's, M & S, and The Sandbar are all good, I don't think of any of them as special.

      Unless things have changed recently, Fandango serves pretty much standard Mediterranean food and is cruising on the rep it earned 20 years ago. No local that I know has been there in years.

      A local foodie friend did suggest Don Giovonni's (I think that was the name) when I was in the area a couple weeks ago, but I never got a chance to go there. He said the food was better than Casanova and the place was a family run, friendly eatery.

      Taste Cafe or Stokes Adobe might be good choices also.

      In any case, I hope the OP reports the results.