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Jul 20, 2009 03:31 PM

Very late nite dining near SFO?

New York hounds need some help here, very specific request. We will be flying from Kona into SFO and landing around 9 PM. Staying at the Hyatt by the airport (I think that is Burlingame, yes?) that night, we have a 9 AM flight back to NYC the next day. We will not have a car but are happy to take a cab 15 minutes or so (maximum, we are not planning on going into town) if we can have something fun and good to eat not too far from the airport, and by the time we get out of SFO and to the Hyatt, will be around 10 or so, I'd guess, maybe a little later. We love San Francisco and have had many memorable meals there, but can you save us from Hyatt room service, please? Any cuisine will do, but bear in mind we need a late night light meal, not a big time experience. We love Asian, but after a week in Kona, think outside that box if you can!

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  1. You didn't mention which day you're flying in so this option may not work for you, but try Steelhead Brewery in Burlingame. It's literally 10 minutes (or less) from the Hyatt. They are open late Fri/Sat only til 11:00 pm.

    Also, just down the street from the Hyatt is Max's, also open Fri/Sat til 11:00 pm.

    Alternatively, downtown San Mateo (only 5 minutes further south) has a very wide range of restaurants. The taquerias on B Street are your best bet.

    All of these options are pretty casual. Good luck and enjoy.

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      Coming in on a Friday, these sound like they will work, and much better than a sandwich in our room!

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        The travel time to San Mateo (in particular, Pancho Villa taqueria) is only 7 minutes. It's an artifact of how close the city center is to the freeway... and don't trust my word for it, that's what Google Map says, and there's no traffic at that hour.

        Google lists Delfina in SF at 20 minutes. Just so you know.

        Max's is basically a high end jewish-style diner. It's pretty good, but you'll get a *massive* plate of whatever you order. Bar is surprisingly good, and the pastrami ain't so bad - although it is a local chain.

        Steelhead is a fairly general could-be-anywhere brewery.

        The taqueria you'd likely want is Pancho Villa (3 location chain), and it's open until midnight. In general, they roll up the sidewalks at 10 in San Mateo. Regrettably PV isn't good for lounging - the chairs have no backs. My favorite order is the quesidilla suiza. They put lettuce on their meat quesidillia, which makes is extra tasty.

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          I'm a fan of La Cumbre for the grilled chicken, however Pancho Villa is very good. If you're with someone else, one order tacos or burrito, the other the plato de camarones...not the best scrimp ever but for $10 it's pretty darn good.

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            According to y*lp, La Cumbre closes at 9pm.

            I'm not sure I would recommend the scrimp to these travellers....

            If you do want to hang out after dinner, I think you'd walk down to the Kingfish, a bar/restaurant a few blocks away. They're very cagy about their hours, but I bet the bar/lounge area would be open fairly late, and it's pretty relaxing. The food at the kingfish is meh. Further down that same street is a really decent irish bar with no pretense.

      2. Any reports from the Burlingame outpost of Nectar? Their website has them open until 11pm during the week and 1am Fri-Sat.

        Nectar Wine Lounge
        270 Lorton Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010

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          There are some old reports on Nectar but I wasn't sure if they met the "fun" factor....