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Jul 20, 2009 02:55 PM

Where to find live blue crabs (HOU)

Can anyone suggest places to purchase live blue crabs in Houston, particularly inside or near the loop, although anywhere in town will do. thanks.

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  1. I just bought blue crabs at Super H Mart in Dallas. There is also a Houston location.

    1302 Blalock Rd
    Houston, TX 77055-6428
    (713) 468-0606

    1. Lots of asian markets on Bellaire have crabs. Try My Hoa at Synott and Bellaire, Hong Kong market on Bellaire near beltway 8, there's a vietnamese grocery on 1093 west of West Oaks mall that usually has live crabs for a good price.

      1. I know it might be a bit of a drive but I have always gotten live blue crabs at The Woodlands seafood market which is owned by Crabby Daddy's. They always have fresh crabs and other seafood. They are located at Rayford Rd/I-45 and you can reach them by phone at 281-367-3474. There are some places down in Kemah to get crabs but that is even further.