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Jul 20, 2009 02:45 PM

Cape Anne CSF members - what's the mid-term grade?

I was interested in getting a half-share but as it happened, was computer-less for most of June so missed the sign-up. I was going to pursue the second round of membership but after reading a few complaints about quality and lack of variety, I haven't taken the plunge. What is your overall level of satisfaction, and will you join again?

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  1. What complaints? Could you link to them?

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    1. re: smtucker

      There are a few grumbles on the thread on the Home Cooking Board, and on the website.

      1. re: greygarious

        What, maybe one person wondering why their whiting wasn't filleted, ONE, and I repeat ONE bad fish that slipped thru, a few wondering where the lobster is?

    2. Hunh. I'm going to join again as soon as they open up the next 'session", and probably the winter shrimp share, too. I'd like a little more variety, but these are growing pains that are fairly minor. I'm so happy to be in on such a groundbreaking, affordable, direct program. I can't say enough about it...

      1. Variety? Hey, I'm just learning to fillet cod really well! We do the Appleton Farms pick-up. Last week our half-share cod was HUGE, and just off the boat that morning. One of the good points about a CSF is that the fishermen bring in what they are catching that week. If it's cod again - I can live with the same pristine fish once a week, and think about varying the sauce. My mid-term grade? I feel so very lucky/happy both to be a part of the CSF, and to get dirt-cheap fresh fish!.

        1. I think the quality has been great - everything has been fresh and tasty. In my opinion, the variety has been a problem (got the flounder/whiting combo once). I've eaten so much cod this summer, I feel guilty about it. However, it sounds like we might get some other stuff later in the season - that would be welcome.

          1. quality is superb. would like a bit more variety, but if that's how sustainable fishing goes, i can take it. we're splitting a half-share, so it's not overwhelming getting cod every week. the value can't be beat.