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Jul 20, 2009 02:04 PM

Italian restaurant recommendation please

Heading to the city for one night next week to celebrate my niece's 21st birthday. We (her grandparents, mother and I) are talking her to Bemelman's for a drink, then we'd like to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner either on the upper east side or toward our hotel, which is near Bryant Park. Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Look up Mia Dona:

    My only caveat is that the food is very heavily spiced (some grandparents are put off by that).

    1. Felidia or Convivio are both fantastic. Felidia likely a bit easier to get a table.

      If both fail, Alto is very nice, though a bit pricey.

      1. Spigolo on 81st/2nd is fab-u need reservations!!! Very cozy (small) place-you will love!