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Jul 20, 2009 02:04 PM

Almond Madeleines?

I have some leftover almond paste and thought maybe I could use it to make some madeleines? I can't seem to find any recipes using premade paste. Most of the recipes I'm finding call just for extract. Some ask for almond flour.

Anyone have a recipe using almond paste or is this just a bad idea? I've never actually made madeleine so i don't have a favorite recipe to try tweaking either....


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  1. Leave out the orange zest and vary the spices according to your preferences:

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    1. re: todao

      Thanks, todao. I found this recipe later thsi afternoon and made it. They just came out of the oven and are pretty good, especially for a first attempt.

      I see in the recipe you found milk is included. Is that typical in a madeleine recipe?

    2. Hi from Sydney Ausralia- I was actually looking fro a recipe for "el pollo loco chicken" &
      stumbled onto your site by accident where the word MADELINE caught my eye. What do the 2 dishes have in common Absolutely nothing. My partner Mark bought me a madeline baking tin that has been sitting idle for months now as I search fro the "perfect recipe"
      I love Almonds ever since as a child growing up in Sydney with a POLISH/UKRAINE background,where every Xmas we would have the' typical Polish feast, my mum, a very good cook would invite the nearby post war European neighbours & then in January our then Yugoslav neighbours would invite us to their Othodox "SLAVA" meal to reciprocate. Being born with a sweet tooth I fell in love & stuffed my face with Vanillekipferl (a almond cresent shaped cookie) & Chocolate Salami & beautiful Walnut torta a masterpiece of a cake made with 12 eggs & ground walnuts instead of flour with mocha/buttercream frosting and of course a dish made from Wheat, sweetend with icing sugar I have to stop So I have now found a good sounding MADELINE recipe with almond (thou it be paste) Now to get that el pollo chicken recipe