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Jul 20, 2009 01:58 PM

All U Can Eat Lobster, Port Dalhousie

Went to Portview Restaurant (formerly Marie's Seafood) in Port Dalhousie last weekend. They have an all you can eat lobster special - $50. They start you off with a 2 lb. lobster and some potato salad. Then another 2 lb lobster and then 1 pounders after that. The lobsters were very sweet, cooked perfectly and huge. The 2nd lobster they brought me looked closer to 2-1/2 lbs. And one of the people with me was offered a 2 lb. for his third helping.

Do not eat anything else if you go there (well, the bread was pretty good). Go strictly for the lobster, the rest is pretty bleh. And go hungry!! I asked who had eaten the most since they have had the special and i was told 12 lbs at lunch. pretty gross.

If you love lobster it is worth the trip.

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  1. My family used to make regular trips to Marie's from Toronto -- the lobster is pretty great. There always used to be tour buses congregated around the place too -- it's quite the destination. Have not been in years though.

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      1. So they serve fried fresh Lake Erie perch?