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Jul 20, 2009 01:52 PM

Swedish Herring in Brooklyn/Queens?

nordic deli in bay ridge is closed until the end of july. any suggestions where to get swedish or scandinavian herring in jars in Brooklyn or Queens? i'm only looking for scandinavian stuff in JARS, not regular or cream herring that you get in a your typical jewish deli or at places like acme or zabars, eventhough i love that stuff, too. i know they have some stuff at ikea, but i'm looking for something that, in my opinion, is a bit better, like abba brand.


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  1. One of those Russian places in Brighton Beach ought to have what you are looking for. The Russians are herring aficionados and you usually can find a large selection in the stores under the El. The International is a good first stop.

    1. There is a Scandinavian gourmet shop on 3rd Ave & 68th St. I forget the name of it. They might have it. It's right next door to another great gourmet shop called the Family Store--a Mediteranian specialty shop.

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        MrsT - that's the place the OP was talking about - Nordic Delights. (Their website is .)

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          hmmm - I must be thinking about the place on Fifth Ave that sells both irish and scandinavian specialties instead, like I said, the stock there seems fairly limited at this point but they may have what the OP is looking for.

      2. Ikea seemed to have a pretty impressive selection of scandinavian products probably more than the nordic deli, tho I am no expert in this area. I do think there is a place on 3rd ave as noted tho Ive not been there.

        1. I got abba caviar from ikea.... its fine for a quick snack
          Im asuming they have the same hering