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Steakhouse in Vegas

Hey fellow foodies. Heading to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and need a steakhouse for about 10 people. Can anyone recommend a top notch steakhouse? Went to BOA Steakhouse a few years ago and was not impressed. Thank you!

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  1. This site ought to help you out: http://www.10best.com/Las_Vegas,NV/Re...
    We haven't lived in LV in over 10 years and we didn't see our favorite on the above list so it may no longer exist. But if it does, we recommend Bob Taylor's Ranch House. Other old favorites would be Diamond Lil's in Sams Town Resort/Casino, and The Roadhouse Grill on W. Lake Mead Blvd. (if it is still there, it was great fun! You toss your peanut shells all over the floor, get up and dance with the waiters, drink and laugh and enjoy some great steaks!
    A long time Las Vegan.

    1. You may want to post on the Southwest board.
      In January we went to the steakhouse at Harrah's with some friends who live in Henderson It was their choice. Good steakhouse with cool view of the strip.

      1. If you use the search engine on the southwest board you will see this subject has been discussed at great length and there are several threads on this very subject.

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          Cut at the Palazzo. By far the best.

        2. I was at Charlie Palmer Steak recently, and had a wonderful experience. The food was well-seasoned and perfectly executed. The service was spectacular...and the most important thing...the hubby and I needed to be rolled back to our hotel at the Encore because we were so happy and full!

          Charlie Palmer Steak
          3960 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

          1. Thank you all. I'll take a look at the Southwest section.

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              Numerous excellent steak places here (and I won't even mention the local chain branches, such as Palm, Ruth's, Morton's, etc.). Cut and Charlie Palmer, both previously mentioned, are outstanding. Carnevino at the Palazzo has gotten some tough love on this board, but I think it's topnotch. Prime (Bellagio); Stripsteak (Mandalay Bay); Nero's (Caesars); Craftsteak (MGM Grand); all terrific. Off the Strip, I can also recommend Golden Steer (on Sahara just west of Las Vegas Boulevard) - been around forever. I am sure that I have forgotten many other fine steak places here.

            2. Seems most of your replies are from non-Las Vegans and people who just visited...the restaurants in the big resorts are good yes, but so out of line on prices it's ridiculous! I'll contact my close foodies in LV and see if they concur with my previous recommendations to you, or if they have newer choices that are the kind of places locals love to go...good food, good fun and good prices. Steak houses should be fun not a financial burden.
              By all means, please let us know where you end up and how you liked it.

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                That is not true about financial burden, the A5 at CUT is definitely top notch.

                Plus they will be on vacation, and atmosphere off the strip just isn't the same. Every time I have been to CUT I have seen a celebrity.

              2. I narrowed my search to SW Steakhouse and was looking forward to it...to find out that they are booked w/ only openings at 530 or 930 for dinner. Apparently, Beyonce is in town and that's a busy night. How can you be angry w/ B? The search goes on.

                Cut is looking good but a few people from our group have been there. I'm more about the food so I would trek to the four corners of Vegas for good steak, but I think the bachelor wants something more. And we don't care for celebrities dining next to us, but thanks for sharing.

                1. After reading all of these helpful reviews, just made a ressy at Charlie Palmers at the Four Seasons. Hopefully the food will be as good as our company. I'll give you a recent report when I return.

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                    Excellent choice (and to ljohaines - I live in Las Vegas.)

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                      I am a big fan of Charlie Palmer. I am not a fan of his steak place. There are many great steak places in LV, but the one that consistently stands out is Stripsteak, Michael Mina's place at Mandalay. No other place matches the quality and preparation of the steak as well as world class sides. They use prime or better steaks, properly aged, poached in butter and cooked perfectly.

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                        Stripsteak has a huge round table that seats 10 perfectly. One of my best meals there was at a bachelor party.

                    2. I'm a big fan of Craftsteak. I've never had a bad meal there. In fact I was just there for UFC 100 and it was as good as I remember.

                      If you are going for a stag, N9NE at the Palms might be an option. The food was decent and the eye candy factor was high.

                      1. Charlie Palmer Report.
                        Just came back from our trip and here are my two cents on Charlie Palmers...

                        - ppl in our group ordered the fillet, bone-in ribeye, and ny strip. Fillet was decent compared to other top notch steakhouses and about even-steven when comparing quality.

                        - bone-in ribeye was a bit too salty but cooked well. Get it medium-rare.

                        - NY Strip was ok and comparable to other top notch steak houses.

                        Apps we ordered the tuna tartare and beef carpaccio. The beef carpaccio was excellent.
                        Sides we ordered the spinach, fingerling potatoes, steak frites, wild mushrooms, and carrots. The sides were all very good and the perfect amt. The steak frites sort tasted like yuca frita (fried yuca fries).

                        Dinner was a 7-top and the 2 apps, 5 sides, and individual entress were the perfect amt of food if you want to be able to finish your steak. Wine selection was great as well.

                        The only noticeable downside was that since it was at the four seasons, it was a bit stuffy for our group. We are a loud bunch and have animated personalities so dinner started off a bit slow. Not much of a scene but we knew that going in. We were more about the food anyway. Service was excellent as well.

                        Overall, the food was nothing to remember compared to other steak houses I've eaten at (Peter Luger, Sparks, Mortons, Craft, ribeye at Babbo, and Old Homestead). Charlie Palmer was our 2nd choice after SW Steakhouse (which I've heard good things about). SW Steak was fully booked tho so we had to resort to Plan B. We wavered b/w Charlie Palmer and CUT but we chose Charlie Palmer since from other reviews, it seemed the food was better here. I'm guessing the steakhouses are all a dime a dozen when it comes to Vegas so if you want romantic and quiet, do Charlie Palmers. If you want a scene and eye candy, CUT, SW, and the others should do.

                        My last remark....I called in a ressy about a week and a half before we went and received an email confirm that were were good to go. I called the day before to double check our ressy and they didn't have me on file. The host booked us anyway and sent me another email confirm. Weird. Keep that in mind and double check with them just to be safe.

                        1. We were recently at Capital Grille for steak. While I found it to be good (not great), what I found surprisingly stellar was their Stoli Doley. It's their signature drink; a vodka that's been infused 10 days w/pineapple, served strained & chilled. It's OMG good, and the best $12 I spent on a drink. If you go to CG, ask for a view seat. Our service was friendly and professional.