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Jul 20, 2009 01:50 PM

Carne Asada in SD for the grill?


I'll be in Carlsbad for a month over the holidays, and I'd love to know where I can get some good carne asada to throw on the grill. Also, the best tamales to take home. I'll travel!


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  1. In the North County, try T&H Meats in San Marcos <>. They are only open Thursday through Saturday for consumer shopping. Tiptop Meats is in Carlsbad <>

    1. If you head further south I always go by a little carneceria in clairemont. The Carne Asada is good, the adobada is awesome. I don't even know the name of the place, but it is at the corner of Clairemont Dr and Clairemont Mesa nearest the 5 and 52 (careful as Clairemont and C. Mesa cross paths 2x). The place is right next to the lens crafters across the street from Jack in the Box.

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        It's La Tiendita Mexican Market (3851 Clairemont Mesa Blvd).
        I really like this place it has nice Carne Asada for the grill.

      2. I like Kennedys Karne in Escondido. The address is:

        1760 E. Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027.

        Kennedy's Karne
        1760 E Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92027

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          I second Kenney's Karne. Tender, great flavor. They sell more than carne too. Tons of different cuts plus pollo asado. They have pretty cheap fixings too: pico, avocados, limes, tortillas, etc.

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            Third on Kennedy's. Aside from Carne Asada, they have a great selection of Angus beef, chicken, and even a few deli items. Their house-made guacamole and salsas are the best. They have a small prepared-food kitchen (always spotless), so beans and rice are available. Everything we've gotten from them has been great. The owner is super nice and passionate about his food.

          2. When reading your query I thought what better an answer than at the very place that makes the best Carne Asada that I've had in San Diego, at Rudy's in the Eden Gardens district of Solana Beach. Since you're in Carlsbad you can try the Carne Asada at their La Costa location first to see if it fits the bill. (To best taste the CA order it as a plate, then secondly as a Torta. They use the Arrancherra cut for their CA plate and Torta, but not in their Tacos or Burritos...)

            If it fits the bill, and I'm betting that you may not have had a better one yet, then go to their original location where they operate a Latin market on the same premises.

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              Oh excellent everybody!! Thank you!!

            2. Costco has a very good Pollo Asado that I cook on the grill. They also have a Carne Asada. There is no artificial additives in either one. They are in the Refrig area near the butcher.