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Jul 20, 2009 01:50 PM


No reference to the former Sec. of State.

There've been lots of threads about the sheer number/variety of condiments most of hounds seem to hoard. But how many of you eat so-called condiments by themselves every now and then? Dips without chips, hot fudge without ice cream, spreads without bread, etc.?

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  1. Salsa's a food group, right? My husband sometimes eats it plain...

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    1. re: lgss

      I do too. I just pretend it's gazpacho.

      1. re: lgss

        I do that, but only the fresh restaurant variety. Comes in a convenient bowl. Spaghetti sauce has been dinner a couple times too.

        And of course there's whipped cream.

      2. If you're calling "dips" a condiment, then:

        ranch dressing spiced up with tobasco - just learned that one this weekend!
        cream cheese

        1. chocolate syrup on a spoon, or if lacking utensils then squeezed/poured directly into mouth. Canned (we aren't exactly talking about high cuisine here, people) whipped cream squirted directly into mouth until over flowing. Open refridgerator door impromptu hot sauce tastings (with spoon). Can also be done with mustard. Dips, oh dips. Dont get me started.

          In college I was nicknamed the "condiment queen". Love 'em sometimes more that the stuff I am putting them on.

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            I used to eat dried Ovaltine straight from the tin on a spoon, also niced with some cream poured over it!
            we used to dip raw rhubarb in white sugar as kids.

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              I nicknamed myself that then! But you win cause someone did it for you.

              Because I just drank all the pickle juice—one of my faves, though I suppose not technically a condiment— from the jar before the pickles were gone, I thought I'd better replace it with something; didn't have the vinegar to fake brine, so I poured the rest of the bottle of gin into the jar. Wonder how that'll go?

                1. re: mkmccp

                  I've been too scared to try 'em. Egg me on!

            2. I can eat top of the line preserves right out of the jar. Eat pico de gallo with a spoon by itself, and although not a condiment I can kill a half jar of "None Such" brandy/rum mincemeat no problem, wash 'er down with an ice cold glass of milk!

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              1. Hmm....I have been known to eat good mustard out of the jar while making a sandwich.
                Definitely salsa.
                Hummus is not so much a dip/spread for me but an entire food group, so this as well.
                Also, red pepper jelly, apple butter and pumpkin butter.
                OH and Gomasio (sesame seeds with sea salt)

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                1. re: pickledtink

                  I thought I was the only one with the Gomasio snacking! (I like the kind with the black sesame seeds.)

                  You've got to try Mrs. May's Black Sesame Crunch snack (health foods stores and some other stores)... they are completely addictive. Buy at least 3.