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Jul 20, 2009 01:32 PM

Frango on Mont-Royal

Anybody tried Frango on Mont-Royal? I am wondering if you have to reserve long in advance like Portugalia on Marie-Anne.

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  1. My girlfriend tried the chicken and she said it was pretty good (unfotunately, I'm a vegetarian ;-)).

    I'm not sure about the reservation time since we live close-by and we just stopped on our way home.

    1. I ate some take-out chicken from Frango on Saturday, their whole chicken menu to go (the menu includes a chicken, bread, 6 potatoes (not fries) and mesclun salad for 17.50). The chicken is ok, especially for my friend who live right next door and does not want to walk up to Rachel/St-Laurent. It's better than St-Hubert and Au Coq (what isn't?). However, the reigning champs (Romados, Portugalia, Mavi, Braseiro and others...) have nothing to fear from this newcomer, Frango's chicken is not on the same level. The meat is drier, the skin not very crispy, and the spicy chicken barely a tingle on the tongue.

      The placs is nice but small, nicer than Romados or Portugalia, but then you are on Mont-Royal, and you pay a little more for it, a few dollars more than. It is mostly a ''to go'' place with maybe 4 tables in all. Other than Chicken, they offer many sandwiches and a few pastries. They have natas from Bella Vista, which were very good.

      To answer your question, you do not need to reserve the chicken in advance, they keep some ready in the oven, which may partly account for their slight dryness. However, if you're not too picky, or your alternative is ordering from the chains, it is very nice to not have to wait or order ahead.

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        "the spicy chicken barely a tingle on the tongue."

        You have to ask for their super spicy sauce. It's the one the furthest to the left. It is plenty spicy :-)

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          Now that is valuable information, thanks cineprep, I'll remember that. My friend like the place as it is next door, so I might return one of these days.

          1. re: sweettoothMTL

            Had some Frango chicken Friday, and it was not as dry asthe previous time. Very likely because they were very busy and the chicken did not have time to sit in the oven for too long. This time around, I had to wait for the chicken.

            But still not as flavourful as some of the more established Rachel street residents...