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Parrsboro: Bare Bones Cafe

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I grew up near Parrsboro, and went to school there, so I know all too well the paucity of decent restaurants in the town. The old familiar joints -- the tavern, the pier restaurant, Berry's -- serve mediocre pub food at best. So when I heard about a new cafe by the name of Bare Bones serving more interesting fare, I added it to my 'to do' list on my recent trip back to see the folks.

I visited as part of a large group for dinner during the week (there wasn't room for us on the patio, unfortunately), including three kids. My meal (Grilled Buffalo and Warm Rocket Salad w/ Sun Dried Blueberry and Port Jus, followed by Crisp Roasted Breast of Chicken w/ Sesame and Scallion Potato Rösti and Soy Ginger Cream, all with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, followed by the Warm Chocolate Sin Cake & White Russian Milk Shake for dessert) was good, though the main was a little heavy on the cream and the starter's buffalo was grilled a little more than I would've preferred. The service had some hiccups -- one appetizer and one entree arrived several minutes after the others, while the rest of our dishes grew cold -- but that probably had as much to do with the size and makeup of our group as anything.

While it wasn't the best meal I'd ever had, Bare Bones is MILES out in front of any other meal I've ever had in Parrsboro, and is the only place I'd actually recommend to a friend who was passing through.

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