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Jul 20, 2009 01:18 PM

London: Apt. in Fitzrovia (Fitzroy St) or Kings Cross (St. Pancras) areas -- which one better for restaurants?

We'll be in London for one week in October and are looking at renting an apartment in either Fitzrovia or the Kings Cross areas. They are not far apart, but which would be the better choice for convenience to restaurants, especially for dinner? We're not looking to do anything high-end and will probably focus on Asian and Southeast Asian options.

Also, and this is just as if not more critical: a cafe to start the day -- ideally with cappuccinos and croissants/cornettos. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Having lived there for a few years as a student, I would go for Fitzrovia. It's a 'nicer' area generally and, while the Kings Cross food scene is getting better, I still think Fitzrovia is a better choice for foodies.

    Off the top of my head, you've got Sagar on Percy St for South Indian, Roka on Charlotte St for high-end Japanese, Lantana for Aussie-style cafe offerings, Bea's of Bloomsbury (walkable distance) for more cafe stuff - all fresh/home-made, and Iberica on Great Portland St for tapas (in the bar, not the restaurant).

    Fitzrovia is also closer to Soho which is full of decent eateries these days. Look up Fernandez & Wells for coffee and lunches. Bar Shu will have reopened by the time you visit - could be worth a try if you like Sichuan food. Yalla Yalla (Lebanese) is reasonably priced and has been getting good reviews lately.

    I'm sure others will have more recommendations but I hope this helps as a starting point. You wouldn't go hungry in either destination!

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      Definitely Fitzrovia, yes. You've also got Benito's Hat (cheap, jolly good burritos joint on Goodge Street), Saltyard and Fino for tapas, Koba for Korean bbq, Carpenters Arms as a decent pub (with fishfinger butties!), Crazy Bear for crazy cocktails, Ikkuyu on Tottenham Court Road for decently priced, authentic Japanese, Noodle Oodle on Oxford there's a Tesco for your self catering needs and a branch of the International Cheese Centre! What more could you need!