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Jul 20, 2009 01:16 PM

black sesame ice cream

I hear this is really tasty. So does anyone know of any places that sell it in Edmonton? Restaurants, ice cream parlours, grocery stores, whatever.

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  1. Mmm... it IS tasty. I've had it in Korea and Japan. The Baskin-Robbins there even sells black sesame ice cream and there's black sesame cereal in grocery stores (it's like corn flakes...) . I wouldn't mind knowing if there are places to get it here in Victoria :)

    1. Try T&T, 99 Supermarket, or Lucky 97 as they are most likely to carry it. One of the smaller grocery stores may carry it as well.

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        Just to update - the north end T&T did not have black sesame ice cream, although they did have the filling inside mochi and the little round Chinese dessert balls. This location is slightly smaller than the one in the west end though, so the other store may have more selection.

      2. I might seen it at McKay ice-cream at Cochrane. They got many asian flavor there, like purple yam, fresh durian, lychee and stuff.