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Jul 20, 2009 01:11 PM

Eating at the Biltmore?

My husband and I are going to visiting Asheville over Labor Day and we're going to be spending a day exploring the Biltmore. I noticed they have several restaurants on site, but I'm guessing they're pretty pricey.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the best place on the property to eat lunch? Or, are there any great sandwich shops or delis where we could grab a sandwich to go and then pack it to take with us?

Thanks for any advice you can give us.

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  1. I have eaten at the Bistro, it is fine and the perfect place to grab lunch. I can't even remember what I had, I do remember drinking one of their high end California Cabs and it was delicious, maybe this is why I can't remember lunch. Across the street from the Biltmore entrance, there are shops and restaurants and there was a cafe on the corner across the street from the McDonald's that I loved. Not very good info, but you will know what I am talking about when you see it. Asheville has fantastic restaurants. My favorites in town are Salsa's and Over Easy Cafe for breakfast.

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      looked up the name of the restaurant I couldn't remember.

      you could go there after the Biltmore and have a nip.

    2. My husband and I ate at the Biltmore during our last visit over 4th of July. We enjoyed lunch at the Bistro and had it all from appetizer to dessert and the wine flight for around $100. I would highly recommed it. If you want something a less expensive - more like a sandwich you can try their outdoor patio at the winery- burgers etc, or the restaurant at the house- I think called the Stable Cafe. We ate there one time and it was good- but very hustle bustle and casual. I wouldn't waste my day driving out of the estate just to save a few dollars to eat lunch. It's a great place to visit and enjoy some great food and wine.

      1. I agree with sgcaver - it isn't really worth the time to leave the estate for lunch. Between the usual parking problems in Biltmore Village and it being a holiday weekend it would be a waste of time.

        I've had lunch at the Stable Cafe a number of times. There is often a wait. I remember the food as being better than I had expected! I don't think I'd go just for the food, but it is a good, relatively quick option to maximize your day at the estate.

        1. take a picnic lunch as there are plenty of places on the biltmore grounds to eat it. i agree that i wouldn't leave midday to grab a bite and then go back (unless you have bikes w/ you & can leave the car), especially on a holiday weekend. as far as i'm concerned, none of the restos on the estate are particularly good nor worth it (the higher end places are better, but then they're even more not worth it due to the prices - ie the $100 lunch above).

          you can purchase picnic food at either greenlife or earthfare (fresh market if you're out that way). there's a place called picnics on merrimon where you can get a chicken dinner packed to go. you can get basic cold cut/deli sandwiches at circle on the square (also on merrimon); nothing special, but way cheaper than the biltmore. pineapple jacks on haywood has a good-size sandwich menu, although i haven't eaten there in a long time. nona mia on patton (505-2028) has a short sandwich menu, but i don't know if they're open during the day on the weekends (esp. a holiday one). papas & beer has awesome tortas; they're served hot (and better for it), but i like them cold as well (of course, i like cold pizza, pasta, etc.).

          hope you enjoy your visit.

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            I'd like to add Laurey's Catering and Gourmet to Go on Biltmore Avenue, just a couple of blocks south of Pack Square, as another alternative for a picnic lunch. They have fabulous food and are now open both weekend days (as well as dinner hours - til 8 - on weekdays) so picking up food would be easy before hitting the estate.


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              Not to rain on the idea, but I seem to remember from when I had a years pass that you were not allowed to bring food from elsewhere on to the grounds...I never saw anyone picnic and I was there several times a week hiking. I may be wrong! But it might be good to check. I did look at their website and didn't see this addressed.

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                I have a pass and frequently go there on my lunch hour. Usually, I pick up a lunch on the way there and it's right there on the seat next to me when the guard checks my pass and DL. They've never said anything at all about not being able to bring food onto the grounds.

                I don't think they'd appreciate it if you brought a sandwich into one of the restaurants, ordered a drink, and then proceeded to eat your sandwich. But picnicking is another matter. I often see people doing that.

                1. re: Leepa

                  Good to know! I couldn't recall ever seeing a picnic and hated the idea of the poster running into problems...

                  Luck you - I really enjoyed the years I had the pass. There are so many areas to explore that can't be covered in a few days. The greenhouse area was always my favorite winter area.

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                    Thanks for all the great advice!

                    1. re: kdpaxton

                      What did you end up doing? If you don't mind sharing;-) If one can pay a lower price just for the grounds, it would be a great place for a picnic.