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Jul 20, 2009 01:01 PM

Bristol lunch recs for this Friday please?

We are passing through Bristol around lunchtime this Friday the 24th of July. Hoping to catch the Banksy versus Bristol City Museum exhibition. Also hoping to have a reasonably priced lunch nearby somewhere child-friendly. Otherwise with have to resort to the horror of McD's/KFC. Any recommendations very welcome. Thanks!

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  1. "The Albion" just up the hill in Clifton has good pub food with tables in a nice courtyard.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Will be staying in Clifton Downs for a week. Near Whiteladies Road. What is good in this area? Thanks.

      1. re: glbtrtr

        Whiteladies is 'The Strip' - lots of bars and somewhat fast foodish places aimed at students (who are away at the moment so you may have luck finding something).
        Further up the road on Blackboy Hill it gets a bit more select, but you might want to head for Clifton Village for better options.
        The Albion is excellent (as mentioned in another reply) but it is rather snobby for what pretends to be a 'pub'.

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